Making a Release

  1. Update the $version_string variable in and to reflect the new version number and commit this change.
  2. Tag from master (the -s option signs the tag with your gpg key. Use -a instead if you don't want to sign the tag):
    $ git tag -s -m "Version x.y.z" x.y.z
    $ git push --tags origin
  3. Prepare a tarball on a dev zone:
    $ mkdir zetaback-x.y.z
    $ cd zetaback-x.y.z
    # You should use gtar here, otherwise an extraneous pax_global_header file may be created 
    $ git archive x.y.z | gtar xvf - 
    $ /opt/csw/bin/autoconf
    $ rm -rf autom4te.cache/
    $ cd ..
    $ tar cf ~/zetaback-x.y.z.tar zetaback-x.y.z
    $ gzip ~/zetaback-x.y.z.tar
  4. Copy the tarball to scp zetaback-x.y.z.tar.gz warehouse:/data/mirrors/
  5. Update the wiki front page to link to the new tarball.
  6. Update /www/website/trunk/htdocs/announcements.rdf on the labs webserver with a new entry announcing the release. Include any relevant highlights and/or bugfixes. Commit the updated file.