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(edit) @4bb6d58d8bebf711199f2d67984f32960eabd5f1 [4bb6d58d8bebf711199f2d67984f32960eabd5f1] 10/14/08 21:11:12 Eric Sproul <> We don't get just the value back, so we need to extract it. Refs #26
(edit) @2b022e589e4ee26a25538d1a936dca38ca0e183d [2b022e589e4ee26a25538d1a936dca38ca0e183d] 10/14/08 20:31:15 Eric Sproul <> First attempt at checking exclude property. Refs #26
(edit) @63013ca52a0fdf53999bce468436b289a140c899 [63013ca52a0fdf53999bce468436b289a140c899] 10/13/08 21:34:35 Eric Sproul <> Explicitly get both snapshots and filesystems. Fixes #25
(edit) @7cea9ab1a636f9c76cf5f6af6502e308b246c646 [7cea9ab1a636f9c76cf5f6af6502e308b246c646] 11/19/07 14:02:19 Theo Schlossnagle <> fixes #21
(edit) @104cbd0bdf995f9b00c86968d4833c4a5447b762 [104cbd0bdf995f9b00c86968d4833c4a5447b762] 11/01/07 04:05:13 Theo Schlossnagle <> Try to get this working on Mac OS X.
(edit) @23dd3150913f4137312e49be219059aae458f7e8 [23dd3150913f4137312e49be219059aae458f7e8] 08/23/07 01:44:45 Theo Schlossnagle <> default the agent pattern to '.' as one would expect it to be
(edit) @6a0d28fd62c3b19a30b9e2b4729d2e3bfe434a22 [6a0d28fd62c3b19a30b9e2b4729d2e3bfe434a22] 05/06/07 03:30:57 Theo Schlossnagle <> match against the filesystem without the snapshot name, closes #13
(edit) @2f7771043693427156e4040c47f807cd956cb1a0 [2f7771043693427156e4040c47f807cd956cb1a0] 03/13/07 16:13:53 Theo Schlossnagle <> reference the license from each source file
(edit) @ba545b02dd3de977f1a4125386b55b74cc869924 [ba545b02dd3de977f1a4125386b55b74cc869924] 03/10/07 04:40:31 Eric Sproul <> Use .in files as the source, keeping things safe and making cleaning …
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