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Makefile and supporting bits for configurable install targets. Closes #10

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1 Prerequisites
2 =============
3  * A backup host with sufficient disk space.
4  * SSH in place where a user on the backup server can perform a password-less
5    remote login to the clients (using ssh keys) and execute the agent script
6    as root.
7  * Perl 5 on client and server.
8  * ZFS tools installed.
10 Installation
11 ============
12 Edit Makefile to taste for install prefix (defaults to /usr/local).
13 If you want to use a particular Perl binary instead of the typical
14 /usr/bin/perl, you can set that too. 
16 If you just want to use the defaults, a 'make && make install' will configure
17 and install everything.
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