Revision 6, 0.9 kB (checked in by jesus, 18 years ago)

Updated regex support to use Solaris native regex's under Solaris and the
GNU regex under Linux. Fixed rejoin after disconnect bug.
Robustified makefile for Solaris.

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1 This is a README file (for those that haven't already figured that out).
3 Please read the LICENSE before using this software.
5 This software works great for me.  Other than the options seen with -h
6 there are a few tid bits of knowledge to know.
8 Edit the makefile and uncomment/comment the right parts in the architecture
9 dependant sections.
11 If you kill -HUP or kill the spreadlogd process, it will not actually
12 process the signal until after it has received its next message from
13 Spread.  You can move you log files to new names and then kill -HUP
14 and it will reopen the log files.  This is useful for seamless log rotation
15 without losing any messages.
17 Spread is really cool.  It is a poweful group communication toolkit
18 developed at the Center for Networking and Distributed Systems at the
19 Johns Hopkins University. and
20, respectively.
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