Resmon system monitoring tool

Resmon is a lightweight utility for local host monitoring that can be queried by tools such as nagios over http. One of the main design goals is portability: that resmon should require nothing more than a default install of Perl. Built with the philosophy that "we are smart because we are dumb," that is, local requirements should be minimal to ease deployment on multiple platforms.

Apps supporting Resmon output


  • Perl 5
  • Some modules will require specific commands to be installed, such as subversion for the SVN checks, but these are module specific.


Currently there is no release version. The latest version of Resmon can be checked out via git from github

git clone git://

For those of you with push access, you should use the ssh url:

git clone

An older release of resmon is also available in the resmon1 branch:

git clone -b resmon1 git://


Project Info