[Resmon-devel] [resmon] #5: TCPSERVICE banner output

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Sun Aug 2 00:43:22 EDT 2009

#5: TCPSERVICE banner output
 Reporter:  jdixon   |       Owner:  mark
     Type:  defect   |      Status:  new 
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Component:  modules  |     Version:      
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 There appears to be a bug in the $banner cleanup.  Here is the status from
 my ssh TCPSERVICE check.

 )sh(TCPSERVICE) :: OK(SSH\02.0\0OpenSSH_5.1

 It appears to be related to this regex.  It's a little past my bedtime to
 make sense of this.

 $banner =~ s/([^\s\d\w.,;\/\\])/sprintf "\\%o", $1/eg;

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