Upgrade Notes


With 1095 comes new required config stuff in stratcon.conf to keep things working... You'll want (to achieve unaltered behaviour)


  <modules directory="%modulesdir%">
    <generic image="stomp_driver" name="stomp_driver"/>

right after the logs section (obviously order doesn't actually matter here)

And to get stomp working (which is was before this changeset, you need to add the following into the <iep> stanza:

    <mq type="stomp"/>

If you're using rabbitmq, you'll instead need something like:

    <mq type="stomp">
    <broker adapter="rabbitmq"/>

See the changes to stratcon.conf

Also, as with most commits on trunk, this requires reconfiguration (./configure)

This changes allows us to add new MQ adapters if we can get openwire protocol working to talk more efficiently via AMQP.

urskek (trunk < 1029) to later

  1. shut it all down
  2. rename your stratcon schema to urskek
  3. rename your export data-only from the prism schema to prism.dump
  4. load new schema
  5. populate stratcon.map_uuid_to_sid from urskek.map_uuid_to_sid
  6. update each row in stratcon.map_uuid_to_sid to have the cert common name CN= the noit that services the check in question
  7. data load prism.dump back into the prism schema
  8. if you want to use monthly partitioning, enabled that in the crontab
  9. port data from urskek to stratcon schema using insert into select syntax (this step is more complicated if you are doing partitioning by month)
    • urskek.loading_dock_check_s into noit.check_archive
    • urskek.loading_dock_metric_numeric_s into noit.metric_numeric_archive
    • urskek.loading_dock_metric_text_s into noit.metric_text_archive
    • urskek.loading_dock_status_s into noit.check_status_archive
  10. update crontab entries
  11. use the shipped stratcon.conf an reintegrate your changes -- there's a lot of new stuff in there
  12. cross fingers and spin things back up.
  13. you may want to run select stratcon.rollup_metric_numeric(rollup) from metric_numeric_rollup_config order by seconds asc; in a tight loop until you've rerolled all your data.