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152configuring checks via the console misses 'C' log events sometimes.newjesusdefecttrivialnoitd
149asserts in checks due to running overlapnewjesusdefectminornoitd
220Allow the inherit attribute to be set on configs from the consolenewjesusenhancementminornoitd
11LDAP checkerassignedjesusenhancementmajornoitd
118Graph template editornewjesusenhancementmajorwebconsole
125Develop sane EQL to detect failures.assignedjesustaskmajorstratcond
194add AUTH to the smtp checkernewjesustaskmajornoitd
198Hiding a guide does not worknewjesusdefectmajorwebconsole
199'auto' in RPN math manipulation doesn't worknewjesusdefectmajorwebconsole
252config set in CLI should not require XML entitiesnewjesusdefectmajornoitd
265Allow stratcond to suppress incoming metrics.newjesusenhancementmajorstratcond
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