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(edit) @968ebe71a337dec16e88667e24887a2eb3a236c2 [968ebe71a337dec16e88667e24887a2eb3a236c2] 05/18/12 16:44:46 Theo Schlossnagle <> bad escape in lua match
(edit) @9a579d2747d842eebf153211332159209d39ec23 [9a579d2747d842eebf153211332159209d39ec23] 05/18/12 14:01:48 Theo Schlossnagle <> The NTP checker is a bit too sensitive about its incoming data. We have …
(edit) @372c4a88d11fa6e49da286bb27b6040c45b0b1bb [372c4a88d11fa6e49da286bb27b6040c45b0b1bb] 05/14/12 16:06:06 Philip Maddox <> Invert default return for stopProcessing
(edit) @789d4fb4503e5fe8076ac65ee389bd2185523d37 [789d4fb4503e5fe8076ac65ee389bd2185523d37] 05/14/12 15:22:48 Philip Maddox <> Added source parameter to observe
(edit) @345f8ea3641b557edd023cc6833271d59bc40d45 [345f8ea3641b557edd023cc6833271d59bc40d45] 05/14/12 15:09:19 Philip Maddox <> Removed stopProcessing call from interface
(edit) @f7b7c1e68276971c7b2a106e0f7ad7af4d64716d [f7b7c1e68276971c7b2a106e0f7ad7af4d64716d] 05/11/12 21:22:38 Philip Maddox <> Added code to look at individual metrics in bundles before handling
(edit) @a6f716d7d5a83b908b2739db317651b19855f337 [a6f716d7d5a83b908b2739db317651b19855f337] 05/10/12 12:23:48 Theo Schlossnagle <> Merge pull request #68 from ddispaltro/add_send_quit_on_no_to_merged Make …
(edit) @f0d9abbf9e265afbef89e36bb4f6dd44a5654b03 [f0d9abbf9e265afbef89e36bb4f6dd44a5654b03] 05/10/12 09:47:14 Thom May <> mysql: don't crash if sslmode isn't configured
(edit) @36e16b6395712e880342df82953be8f8be31f548 [36e16b6395712e880342df82953be8f8be31f548] 05/09/12 21:13:26 Dan Di Spaltro <> If there is no to field then return and execute a quit
(edit) @cf9faec6ccb1f67d0d56fe72b5918f3f50586aa7 [cf9faec6ccb1f67d0d56fe72b5918f3f50586aa7] 05/09/12 14:32:06 Theo Schlossnagle <> Merge pull request #70 from Kami/allow_dot_in_header_names Modify http …
(edit) @43e571f2a2159ab92290337cbce8aa3ca9d5ddfb [43e571f2a2159ab92290337cbce8aa3ca9d5ddfb] 05/09/12 05:28:42 Tomaz Muraus <> Modify http client so it supports dot (".") in the header name.
(edit) @2a68cfb06d573155b7debec4399e886fd83f8c23 [2a68cfb06d573155b7debec4399e886fd83f8c23] 05/08/12 05:18:24 Dan Di Spaltro <> Change the business logic to represent a more correct scenario
(edit) @57091cef03c519da5345d453e5281fea6577a70f [57091cef03c519da5345d453e5281fea6577a70f] 05/08/12 04:56:52 Dan Di Spaltro <> Merge branch 'master' of git:// into …
(edit) @91e019b9ab8d8a173d846a8b0c0cde78960d15ab [91e019b9ab8d8a173d846a8b0c0cde78960d15ab] 05/07/12 06:45:20 Dan Di Spaltro <> Keep it more consistent like with body_match.
(edit) @edf86426614af1ea11c7fbb34b1641249e5b7230 [edf86426614af1ea11c7fbb34b1641249e5b7230] 05/07/12 02:01:56 Dan Di Spaltro <> Change the mechanism for sending to, if you don't specify it quits.
(edit) @f934829b1abd73b1bcb3c85ee5f68a804a35f9bd [f934829b1abd73b1bcb3c85ee5f68a804a35f9bd] 05/02/12 21:08:05 Theo Schlossnagle <> Merge branch 'add_period_timeout_to_bundle'
(edit) @88ca59854840cb8d82b35bfb0a115bc74f259f94 [88ca59854840cb8d82b35bfb0a115bc74f259f94] 05/02/12 13:33:10 Theo Schlossnagle <> leak in setting xml content via lua
(edit) @e88e9e38ef3322a56040d64badb9dd6c77934d47 [e88e9e38ef3322a56040d64badb9dd6c77934d47] 05/02/12 13:12:58 Theo Schlossnagle <> various memory leaks related so xmlXPathCastNodeToString and …
(edit) @d8ec2a3842ef728eff873aba1e90e632c10d88a4 [d8ec2a3842ef728eff873aba1e90e632c10d88a4] 05/01/12 18:20:13 Theo Schlossnagle <> Add period and timeout to the bundle. Update both generated code, c and …
(edit) @d5e61dbf0c7e4b34195decd6f2b28faf0b3df9c1 [d5e61dbf0c7e4b34195decd6f2b28faf0b3df9c1] 04/30/12 19:29:14 Brian Clapper <> module_metadata should be module_configs here
(edit) @dc70cbf1a0618972c2a55e3c573805eb44e6dcde [dc70cbf1a0618972c2a55e3c573805eb44e6dcde] 04/26/12 18:53:13 Theo Schlossnagle <> correctly support namespaces in disjoint (shatter) documents. The shatter …
(edit) @09603d13f50b9162de5f1e183128d6c6663ee59c [09603d13f50b9162de5f1e183128d6c6663ee59c] 04/26/12 15:58:45 Philip Maddox <> Fixed a byte where tt_connect was getting junk values when there were …
(edit) @add4f486f20b6917e51f1603859d657476297871 [add4f486f20b6917e51f1603859d657476297871] 04/24/12 00:55:52 Theo Schlossnagle <> it possible to attempt to remove a NULL event in the dns module
(edit) @c31fda3b71d255b654a5398ac37e568d05c66083 [c31fda3b71d255b654a5398ac37e568d05c66083] 04/22/12 21:04:14 Theo Schlossnagle <> fix a leak of 112 bytes in the lua gunzip binding
(edit) @e1dc8cfb2340b39aae179bec7cf59498cffc0da7 [e1dc8cfb2340b39aae179bec7cf59498cffc0da7] 04/22/12 20:57:17 Theo Schlossnagle <> fix memory leak of an eventer_t in the case of a timeout
(edit) @60aa58b81f5826158d1b04067717cc454dc1742b [60aa58b81f5826158d1b04067717cc454dc1742b] 04/22/12 18:43:28 Theo Schlossnagle <> various leaks in the console driver and our fork of libedit. tgetent() …
(edit) @1dbb45b9deca8465c32394889ee40088e6297634 [1dbb45b9deca8465c32394889ee40088e6297634] 04/22/12 17:45:45 Theo Schlossnagle <> If the period is less than 60000, it is possible to schedule the "last …
(edit) @5fd1894ad04542945430bed21cc582a937f8edcb [5fd1894ad04542945430bed21cc582a937f8edcb] 04/22/12 16:46:08 Theo Schlossnagle <> a variety of memory leaks in console commands.
(edit) @66cf6d4b55d526fdb6724e700480033f198045fa [66cf6d4b55d526fdb6724e700480033f198045fa] 04/22/12 14:27:27 Theo Schlossnagle <> We're seeing at times on very busy systems that once a deadman triggers, …
(edit) @2aa05d4ff7651db8e132f49e6248b0f29a88bffa [2aa05d4ff7651db8e132f49e6248b0f29a88bffa] 04/22/12 14:26:59 Theo Schlossnagle <> Add support for -D -D which will foreground the parent, but still fork and …
(edit) @658ca094d9985caeb69da119a4a9ebc6f063e8b7 [658ca094d9985caeb69da119a4a9ebc6f063e8b7] 04/18/12 21:23:06 Brian Clapper <> display next run time of checks on show check ... console dialog
(edit) @cc06de2749ef6e71df675c1503f683bad8ffe7be [cc06de2749ef6e71df675c1503f683bad8ffe7be] 04/18/12 18:07:33 Tomaz Muraus <> set status to failed to "failed to resolve" if r is nil.
(edit) @dd4d799bea421af75aa08d90b4fdf3b169c08f8e [dd4d799bea421af75aa08d90b4fdf3b169c08f8e] 04/17/12 21:00:02 Theo Schlossnagle <> make all these static, they're ours.
(edit) @e0bfc4593702aba99402fba2c74753b6ca491d3f [e0bfc4593702aba99402fba2c74753b6ca491d3f] 04/17/12 19:04:28 Philip Maddox <> Fixed function header comment for noit_watchdog_start_child
(edit) @86e0c6af3530e751a8676f651a2477e300e494f1 [86e0c6af3530e751a8676f651a2477e300e494f1] 04/17/12 18:59:27 Philip Maddox <> Removed retries and span from noit_watchdog_start_child and added function …
(edit) @4053452a227a6b5b378bbdbbe4ac68758d58a385 [4053452a227a6b5b378bbdbbe4ac68758d58a385] 04/17/12 18:06:17 Philip Maddox <> Updated retry limit on noit to simplify it significantly
(edit) @8ebbffb5373202a2665c35c8382f9e9192db3581 [8ebbffb5373202a2665c35c8382f9e9192db3581] 04/17/12 15:46:32 Philip Maddox <> Added retry limit for noit_watchdog to prevent infinite spawning
(edit) @a3518fe2da96fee5c577d97b77bb7714465165d2 [a3518fe2da96fee5c577d97b77bb7714465165d2] 04/17/12 01:59:45 Theo Schlossnagle <> these need to pass their returns
(edit) @f3bf693ba571a6c22958a8842af4f05c6e4c93d2 [f3bf693ba571a6c22958a8842af4f05c6e4c93d2] 04/16/12 17:43:42 Theo Schlossnagle <> fix for issue GH-#58, segfault in handoff journals
(edit) @b5ea6e38bcddaf950ebee5e6e1b6b786f1d4854d [b5ea6e38bcddaf950ebee5e6e1b6b786f1d4854d] 04/16/12 17:23:04 Theo Schlossnagle <> Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @ee04721b5f474cd61c27829606db92c23a87eb87 [ee04721b5f474cd61c27829606db92c23a87eb87] 04/13/12 20:12:49 Theo Schlossnagle <> Allow asynchronous threads to call flush on http connections, which does …
(edit) @93ee67631e38d219f26ed5c4cfadb77fe919a653 [93ee67631e38d219f26ed5c4cfadb77fe919a653] 04/11/12 18:34:59 neophenix <> update redis module to support the new INFO format
(edit) @26d8ac65776ea6f4a2598eada0106298245b9aa1 [26d8ac65776ea6f4a2598eada0106298245b9aa1] 04/10/12 20:07:12 Theo Schlossnagle <> We should, most definitely, be creating this thread detached.
(edit) @41959b7938b249031e78a2d70002aeb6837ecfd8 [41959b7938b249031e78a2d70002aeb6837ecfd8] 04/10/12 16:24:41 Theo Schlossnagle <> Now that we've made it survive the attempt to run a check twice, we should …
(edit) @dd70a94b7c59be94a8e875042426a6d3cec9c037 [dd70a94b7c59be94a8e875042426a6d3cec9c037] 04/10/12 01:34:41 Theo Schlossnagle <> The first time we fly in, we don't want to prematurely execute on …
(edit) @397f56dda527bb85b65aa7a4ab60c1f289361565 [397f56dda527bb85b65aa7a4ab60c1f289361565] 04/09/12 20:54:24 Theo Schlossnagle <> The spread of the checks across time was bunched to the beginning of the …
(edit) @de520024f8801f5cc271ac9301e66f7c3690558e [de520024f8801f5cc271ac9301e66f7c3690558e] 04/09/12 19:56:55 Theo Schlossnagle <> Don't assert on double runs, just log an error
(edit) @bc131e531806eeabd6a47f1225ee5c9839fbe01d [bc131e531806eeabd6a47f1225ee5c9839fbe01d] 04/09/12 17:52:58 Theo Schlossnagle <> unused stub
(edit) @85e32ea88e1d7ad88a960783bb3033f7c1844de3 [85e32ea88e1d7ad88a960783bb3033f7c1844de3] 04/09/12 14:45:52 Theo Schlossnagle <> meta information on the timing slot allocations via console
(edit) @4f9658b6d44898802c561f25d3a3638767b4f3f0 [4f9658b6d44898802c561f25d3a3638767b4f3f0] 04/07/12 03:38:03 Theo Schlossnagle <> install utils/noit_hooks.h
(edit) @a968da7394b0410b8d51faeb16dbadaf82fd527b [a968da7394b0410b8d51faeb16dbadaf82fd527b] 04/02/12 17:53:36 Philip Maddox <> Added LDAP check to Jezebel
(edit) @4bbbb285070c244ad7eca783a459593a741c6d3b [4bbbb285070c244ad7eca783a459593a741c6d3b] 04/02/12 17:00:24 Philip Maddox <> Moved declaring and initializing DocumentBuilder? object into dopost method …
(edit) @b2a08ebd72aed85e425a8b853ac201b7faac0453 [b2a08ebd72aed85e425a8b853ac201b7faac0453] 03/29/12 21:26:14 Theo Schlossnagle <> create namespaces in the return document without regard for the master …
(edit) @a90855c69b0558acdbe4524e80b60e40a40c6b21 [a90855c69b0558acdbe4524e80b60e40a40c6b21] 03/29/12 16:15:42 Theo Schlossnagle <> do some basic validation that the namespaces (prefix) matches what we …
(edit) @03fe9a7330858471b035c426bdbb9f74fdcd0d58 [03fe9a7330858471b035c426bdbb9f74fdcd0d58] 03/28/12 20:59:02 Theo Schlossnagle <> more subtle magic around transitioning namespaces from submissions into …
(edit) @d5db0b89dd6ef5ab8baaa06225cd92898bd0dcea [d5db0b89dd6ef5ab8baaa06225cd92898bd0dcea] 03/27/12 22:01:14 Theo Schlossnagle <> automatic registration of module namespaces
(edit) @e8c10f943d9af8cb08aeb8cbbb05769d7b2f439c [e8c10f943d9af8cb08aeb8cbbb05769d7b2f439c] 03/27/12 20:59:46 Theo Schlossnagle <> Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @2a06f129a8ded380b2b27047520ceb04dfc9a0b0 [2a06f129a8ded380b2b27047520ceb04dfc9a0b0] 03/27/12 20:58:43 Theo Schlossnagle <> config name attribute was not supported under checks/set
(edit) @25a8df281f15ba8a286af953701b094c78677a5b [25a8df281f15ba8a286af953701b094c78677a5b] 03/27/12 14:03:49 Mark Harrison <> Change the NTP version send for ntp control messages This fixes …
(edit) @2148d594359c81ffc07674617e97eef16818690f [2148d594359c81ffc07674617e97eef16818690f] 03/23/12 15:36:30 Theo Schlossnagle <> Support c99 compile
(edit) @f37e7a1405d99bd5211be3fc073f5f72f59a0026 [f37e7a1405d99bd5211be3fc073f5f72f59a0026] 03/23/12 14:36:29 Theo Schlossnagle <> Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @acb84fe681e07874f1ec5b8ca3505d277d0b2073 [acb84fe681e07874f1ec5b8ca3505d277d0b2073] 03/23/12 14:36:22 Theo Schlossnagle <> well... I sure have it now
(edit) @1108660f33438eb6ea775e8c18300de5e8b47868 [1108660f33438eb6ea775e8c18300de5e8b47868] 03/22/12 21:33:08 Brian Clapper <> bump oid buffer so we don't truncate large OIDs
(edit) @873fbc3aed662353fcffcd8a78fa6c0d770d4e7d [873fbc3aed662353fcffcd8a78fa6c0d770d4e7d] 03/22/12 12:52:44 Theo Schlossnagle <> use null as Brian Clapper coded to specify binding to the empty exchange.
(edit) @a2f3c05a332f6b42643501a7abdadf98e2a268d7 [a2f3c05a332f6b42643501a7abdadf98e2a268d7] 03/21/12 21:15:58 Brian Clapper <> need a placeholder to be able to bind to the 'empty' routingkey
(edit) @b1b5fc0fee416e9f1842b44b97dbb3c4e5a053fd [b1b5fc0fee416e9f1842b44b97dbb3c4e5a053fd] 03/21/12 15:33:52 Theo Schlossnagle <> default to not acking
(edit) @0be44ef3f8cd3b1e78396826707cb3303d2c4887 [0be44ef3f8cd3b1e78396826707cb3303d2c4887] 03/21/12 14:39:12 Theo Schlossnagle <> make the routingKey binding more flexible (comma separated list)
(edit) @8a2fef6aa20720458bdf82af131ad2ad6141c530 [8a2fef6aa20720458bdf82af131ad2ad6141c530] 03/21/12 14:27:09 Theo Schlossnagle <> add two buckets that are easy to route on
(edit) @426b9214409ffbddfe3f23c8512184bff379b8f1 [426b9214409ffbddfe3f23c8512184bff379b8f1] 03/21/12 14:23:04 Philip Maddox <> Added 'H' as a valid value to pass through in stratcon_datastore
(edit) @04d012fdd2f5acf54ee7ca8b77574bd277cc2d46 [04d012fdd2f5acf54ee7ca8b77574bd277cc2d46] 03/19/12 21:09:22 Philip Maddox <> Use HttpClient? auth_digest function in http.lua rather than repeating code
(edit) @0d57cf36be8bb038c67fe862fa27dc5a03553f05 [0d57cf36be8bb038c67fe862fa27dc5a03553f05] 03/19/12 20:39:59 Philip Maddox <> Added functionality to to digest authorization into HTTPClient
(edit) @1581bb9cbc2230831b3d94d346397c1c030124ea [1581bb9cbc2230831b3d94d346397c1c030124ea] 03/14/12 21:19:35 Theo Schlossnagle <> Make the read_limit config param in http module pass-thru to the gunzip …
(edit) @1f9edc74e34a100b1e519135ef7e2d7e774cd605 [1f9edc74e34a100b1e519135ef7e2d7e774cd605] 03/14/12 21:10:28 Theo Schlossnagle <> bug in error output for lua failures
(edit) @3de78ae6b819653d9651f0061e1b54f9f68339ea [3de78ae6b819653d9651f0061e1b54f9f68339ea] 03/13/12 21:30:59 Theo Schlossnagle <> Sometimes we want config parameters that aren't valid XML node names. This …
(edit) @8519251c82642f98c933929667b617fc9622049c [8519251c82642f98c933929667b617fc9622049c] 03/13/12 20:12:45 Theo Schlossnagle <> respect the asynch_metrics setting by logging immediate when appropriate
(edit) @d360dc38c160e192db980cc5e10efc487ff11af7 [d360dc38c160e192db980cc5e10efc487ff11af7] 03/13/12 19:57:10 Theo Schlossnagle <> fix compiler warnings due to sign of types across yajl calls
(edit) @ac6019c188431677637c0179307d13e920e394e1 [ac6019c188431677637c0179307d13e920e394e1] 03/13/12 17:04:00 Theo Schlossnagle <> I'm pretty sure this is a SunStudio?12.2 bug workaround
(edit) @6e68e262c873cd8730aab076959a13fcae0e423f [6e68e262c873cd8730aab076959a13fcae0e423f] 03/13/12 16:40:49 Theo Schlossnagle <> interesting race where the error pushes through the callback
(edit) @bd6d64f84276dfd6f5c69702a74e5dbc691b389c [bd6d64f84276dfd6f5c69702a74e5dbc691b389c] 03/13/12 16:40:19 Theo Schlossnagle <> import yajl and switch the httptrap check to use it
(edit) @204ecdc5ad373fb076d81ab8a63fc09df931be4e [204ecdc5ad373fb076d81ab8a63fc09df931be4e] 03/12/12 19:21:44 Theo Schlossnagle <> hookable log phases
(edit) @46b9cf0be63c479e256c74b79f413f940c8f0563 [46b9cf0be63c479e256c74b79f413f940c8f0563] 03/12/12 16:20:17 Theo Schlossnagle <> make setting of metrcis hookable
(edit) @7a237a223e8874bc0bffede7505313cb1a933910 [7a237a223e8874bc0bffede7505313cb1a933910] 03/08/12 01:21:04 Theo Schlossnagle <> Normalize the stats APIs to: * never take the module, and * always take …
(edit) @840a13b790af535f43b9ae9b0b5128b4462dde9a [840a13b790af535f43b9ae9b0b5128b4462dde9a] 03/02/12 20:14:07 Philip Maddox <pmaddox@pmaddox.(none)> Fixed some issues with not reading full messages in external and getting …
(edit) @bb84bf791b8380b1ed2e0a65b2f595fab3bd711d [bb84bf791b8380b1ed2e0a65b2f595fab3bd711d] 03/02/12 16:46:28 Philip Maddox <pmaddox@pmaddox.(none)> Modified external data read to avoid use of MSG_PEEK
(edit) @8645a578630798b9859f7cdccef6c78300efae11 [8645a578630798b9859f7cdccef6c78300efae11] 02/28/12 21:44:34 Philip Maddox <> Fixed a bug in the external module where the main handling thread would …
(edit) @c4bfda41ac34a173e53c73725b8ccc799eb29bba [c4bfda41ac34a173e53c73725b8ccc799eb29bba] 02/23/12 18:43:25 Theo Schlossnagle <> preliminary support for ntp control protocol
(edit) @4e26cbc3c2cf67c7b90e4e4dc7ebe5ad6b181da2 [4e26cbc3c2cf67c7b90e4e4dc7ebe5ad6b181da2] 02/23/12 18:42:50 Theo Schlossnagle <> stub the bit namespace do extract_xml will work
(edit) @2e4d166e46f610e3ad7ffb33463488cb5f18db7d [2e4d166e46f610e3ad7ffb33463488cb5f18db7d] 02/23/12 18:32:03 Theo Schlossnagle <> add bit class support into the lua subsystem
(edit) @275020089c5881bce207b67b6e3ce7e4685ccb51 [275020089c5881bce207b67b6e3ce7e4685ccb51] 02/16/12 18:46:19 Brian Clapper <> upgrade to esper 4.5, fix internal 'API' changes to do so
(edit) @c4fc37fcf1cb3f31782b792228a0b35e4cdf2acf [c4fc37fcf1cb3f31782b792228a0b35e4cdf2acf] 02/09/12 16:17:56 Theo Schlossnagle <> make the rest calls dirty the right bits for shatter output
(edit) @84946f61e6afce7b0233ffa59881e9aac9dced36 [84946f61e6afce7b0233ffa59881e9aac9dced36] 02/08/12 22:17:41 Theo Schlossnagle <> this causes double frees, I need to spend more time to understand the leak …
(edit) @0f6f338693b9c728099385a174117fb2ce7a0e4e [0f6f338693b9c728099385a174117fb2ce7a0e4e] 02/07/12 14:50:28 Theo Schlossnagle <> If no PIDFILE is specified, don't try to write to one. Look in some more …
(edit) @fca0a033257b4175c839ab124a5c1a2aebfac3ae [fca0a033257b4175c839ab124a5c1a2aebfac3ae] 02/06/12 16:33:12 Theo Schlossnagle <> this aren't in-core anymore, only modules
(edit) @17458db8a05223809f885a032344956d81ade411 [17458db8a05223809f885a032344956d81ade411] 02/06/12 16:29:58 Theo Schlossnagle <> bad symbol name here, how did this ever work?
(edit) @99b18a876a3d4ec5c15c811d87927341584e0ccc [99b18a876a3d4ec5c15c811d87927341584e0ccc] 02/04/12 20:06:30 Theo Schlossnagle <> assorted valgrind exposed memory leaks
(edit) @d659a9d1a9285c0627fb0b3114abefade0b0730b [d659a9d1a9285c0627fb0b3114abefade0b0730b] 02/04/12 14:38:51 Theo Schlossnagle <> add the version to reporting
(edit) @2f57254c51d39834f9304b51e4b361bd19b5d713 [2f57254c51d39834f9304b51e4b361bd19b5d713] 02/03/12 21:07:17 Brian Clapper <> Merge branch 'master' of
(edit) @8d6f67693835bd19cb2141a5f8dfbae02426bd47 [8d6f67693835bd19cb2141a5f8dfbae02426bd47] 02/03/12 21:05:34 Brian Clapper <> stop using global vars, use local metric_data and pass that around
(edit) @a5df09d25bd13bf1f726673e2b03f59b6066bf59 [a5df09d25bd13bf1f726673e2b03f59b6066bf59] 02/02/12 22:32:36 Theo Schlossnagle <> support v1 of SNMP. Perhaps support v3 (untested)
(edit) @3f101f068925bb2945f43579b29a13d33088a227 [3f101f068925bb2945f43579b29a13d33088a227] 01/27/12 21:17:16 Philip Maddox <> Added support for reporting SASL responses for PLAIN and LOGIN commands
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