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(edit) @06f58e662d9dcb103af43ff53f3bd7e72248cea4 [06f58e662d9dcb103af43ff53f3bd7e72248cea4] 02/26/08 23:16:31 Theo Schlossnagle <> prep for jlog transit over SSL
(edit) @2962688c237f289fcbac61c53e08fd0fb2c1021c [2962688c237f289fcbac61c53e08fd0fb2c1021c] 02/25/08 23:03:41 Theo Schlossnagle <> fix up client auth stuff in SSL for client certs
(edit) @4dccf830640c308658d62f7896f78488734381bc [4dccf830640c308658d62f7896f78488734381bc] 02/24/08 16:05:26 Theo Schlossnagle <> xpointer-esque inheritence... actually quite neat
(edit) @a136e6147196fd1969fa920391a6d55ed3975fde [a136e6147196fd1969fa920391a6d55ed3975fde] 02/22/08 03:33:54 Theo Schlossnagle <> rework a lot of config stuff, add docs in a bad place.. README.txt? come …
(edit) @b7ec8071a69b07dca745fa521b287c9f4ffec06e [b7ec8071a69b07dca745fa521b287c9f4ffec06e] 02/21/08 20:39:44 Theo Schlossnagle <> SSL support that doesn't quite work -- so so so close.
(edit) @d936b80e0b77ab87046b8dec33cfb9462504f507 [d936b80e0b77ab87046b8dec33cfb9462504f507] 02/06/08 05:29:24 Theo Schlossnagle <> support unix domain sockets as well
(edit) @1afde4ed656dbe3db947a99cd27b177f5a3f560f [1afde4ed656dbe3db947a99cd27b177f5a3f560f] 01/30/08 05:06:13 Theo Schlossnagle <> update logging to support faster avoidance, line numbers, filenames, etc.
(edit) @80235b3f11f72d0a54a7ae6df1139d23ed59e2ac [80235b3f11f72d0a54a7ae6df1139d23ed59e2ac] 01/27/08 07:34:04 Theo Schlossnagle <> checkers
(edit) @caa7b86e0a2913bf4f9e3254320a05dd636b2e06 [caa7b86e0a2913bf4f9e3254320a05dd636b2e06] 01/26/08 20:48:28 Theo Schlossnagle <> glue up some actual XML
(edit) @7212f9de44a1f04707e822e3337100a80f707cb3 [7212f9de44a1f04707e822e3337100a80f707cb3] 01/15/08 16:41:44 Theo Schlossnagle <> oh my, it compiles and runs
(edit) @f41090dab0be1c792f9587e2d2930761969ace33 [f41090dab0be1c792f9587e2d2930761969ace33] 01/15/08 16:31:23 Theo Schlossnagle <> more work -- this doesn't do much except add plumbing
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