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(edit) @c4546c715aee6db46888e7ab0bb87fd2ce5357c6 [c4546c715aee6db46888e7ab0bb87fd2ce5357c6] 06/18/08 03:53:18 Theo Schlossnagle <> I sure hope this doesn't break other platforms too badly. Solaris support …
(edit) @fc879b8ebfb9f5de9e38c553a69f55837e32a394 [fc879b8ebfb9f5de9e38c553a69f55837e32a394] 05/22/08 02:26:02 Theo Schlossnagle <> Disable LINEMODE on Linux -- I can't get it to work. This solves the …
(edit) @4be21f8e99fb918f5a8e4445dd3753a53eba9a72 [4be21f8e99fb918f5a8e4445dd3753a53eba9a72] 04/25/08 19:14:25 Theo Schlossnagle <> fix it backup on BSDs, refs #12
(edit) @a50432366e0c6614924558d1aa82eaa82b967a0b [a50432366e0c6614924558d1aa82eaa82b967a0b] 04/25/08 18:20:34 Theo Schlossnagle <> compiles on linux -- still no eventer, refs #12
(edit) @065b0349f122c8e5f44538bed5636ea8b49362b6 [065b0349f122c8e5f44538bed5636ea8b49362b6] 03/15/08 17:40:31 Theo Schlossnagle <> compile clean on OpenBSD
(edit) @46304a4547d3e7cd3b7e98eaa2b8653034cd1c6b [46304a4547d3e7cd3b7e98eaa2b8653034cd1c6b] 02/08/08 05:29:46 Theo Schlossnagle <> add in linemode
(edit) @30700011fc4916bef71870a2bae7739745a7a2bc [30700011fc4916bef71870a2bae7739745a7a2bc] 02/07/08 23:17:43 Theo Schlossnagle <> integrate a full-on telnet server... hey, why not?
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