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(edit) @470b93f1c4a81c167145f7551c3c015de74669f2 [470b93f1c4a81c167145f7551c3c015de74669f2] 10/25/11 21:59:50 Paul Querna <> Add support for setting the Port of the remote Nameserver in the DNS check
(edit) @b553f9a4d73487ee85e5cfedf2cd67352b4d5e6b [b553f9a4d73487ee85e5cfedf2cd67352b4d5e6b] 01/08/11 17:51:19 Theo Schlossnagle <> refs #340 This is a rather major change. Targets can now be hostnames in …
(edit) @9761c2f27f1d8476cd82892ad939edc6df00ab20 [9761c2f27f1d8476cd82892ad939edc6df00ab20] 01/07/11 15:55:57 Theo Schlossnagle <> fixes #339
(edit) @1da40d5b26eca6f9ab581d6a3e71f25443a812d9 [1da40d5b26eca6f9ab581d6a3e71f25443a812d9] 01/06/11 19:51:30 Brian Clapper <> support using the system name server for resolving queries. fixes #336
(edit) @16e8c85a9d0e6b2e2bf74a7d159f6352253c50a9 [16e8c85a9d0e6b2e2bf74a7d159f6352253c50a9] 09/13/10 15:28:40 Theo Schlossnagle <> fixes #315
(edit) @9f36fc28a66a07bec282ecc4145903b2187c355a [9f36fc28a66a07bec282ecc4145903b2187c355a] 09/13/09 14:26:08 Theo Schlossnagle <> typos noted by Bo
(edit) @d8db2991468b48d421f4cf2b311123dcc64a2ecf [d8db2991468b48d421f4cf2b311123dcc64a2ecf] 08/31/08 15:06:16 Theo Schlossnagle <> doc updates and their compiled counterparts
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