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(edit) @660168eda62ae099b050dfe231af8d8e95287453 [660168eda62ae099b050dfe231af8d8e95287453] 09/23/09 17:50:41 Theo Schlossnagle <> use ParNew? and upgrade to esper 3.2.0
(edit) @e754a7ed9a2306bb7b477de6a099909fc3234c53 [e754a7ed9a2306bb7b477de6a099909fc3234c53] 08/04/09 06:08:00 Dan Di Spaltro <> Got rid of the old version of Esper (3.0.0)
(edit) @23262439331635c823e8d7299c95f91610dffa0e [23262439331635c823e8d7299c95f91610dffa0e] 08/04/09 06:07:29 Dan Di Spaltro <> Upgraded to the latest Esper (3.1.0)
(edit) @4c3fb9bb20f55d05939b6f601cc27622060215e8 [4c3fb9bb20f55d05939b6f601cc27622060215e8] 07/14/09 02:29:36 Dan Di Spaltro <> first go at integrating RMQ and AMQ and giving the user a choice on …
(edit) @4fd2f1f5cb3d57993fc34dc8d6e742d38454609f [4fd2f1f5cb3d57993fc34dc8d6e742d38454609f] 06/07/09 19:40:49 Theo Schlossnagle <> This appears to work... now we need to make sure it works well. refs #142
(edit) @0f5161443456635a93cac5b1a773512418ebd578 [0f5161443456635a93cac5b1a773512418ebd578] 05/23/09 04:16:49 Theo Schlossnagle <> make the NoitMetricNumeric? event a Java class instead on XMLDOM-based …
(edit) @a9077178423e39a94a9b624e44cd4b37899d6fd3 [a9077178423e39a94a9b624e44cd4b37899d6fd3] 05/12/09 12:48:35 Theo Schlossnagle <> refs #122, this stuff works well enough to pull dev back into …
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