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(edit) @308a8d66df2cbb21de3dd87144c2d4ef3144c8d7 [308a8d66df2cbb21de3dd87144c2d4ef3144c8d7] 02/26/08 04:29:45 Theo Schlossnagle <> rename sample.conf to noit.conf and start on stratcond.
(edit) @5f388ee20a06c319202cb070628c7bc827ffbb0a [5f388ee20a06c319202cb070628c7bc827ffbb0a] 02/26/08 03:46:53 Theo Schlossnagle <> split out the noit(check) specific conf stuff into its own file
(edit) @2962688c237f289fcbac61c53e08fd0fb2c1021c [2962688c237f289fcbac61c53e08fd0fb2c1021c] 02/25/08 23:03:41 Theo Schlossnagle <> fix up client auth stuff in SSL for client certs
(edit) @ce72dc2cb9539d80628ed5642eaabe6e8bac9f0d [ce72dc2cb9539d80628ed5642eaabe6e8bac9f0d] 02/24/08 02:43:56 Theo Schlossnagle <> add an intperpolation tool, to helping SNMP checks -- when they get here
(edit) @a136e6147196fd1969fa920391a6d55ed3975fde [a136e6147196fd1969fa920391a6d55ed3975fde] 02/22/08 03:33:54 Theo Schlossnagle <> rework a lot of config stuff, add docs in a bad place.. README.txt? come …
(edit) @b7ec8071a69b07dca745fa521b287c9f4ffec06e [b7ec8071a69b07dca745fa521b287c9f4ffec06e] 02/21/08 20:39:44 Theo Schlossnagle <> SSL support that doesn't quite work -- so so so close.
(edit) @7b927621aa1d1fb7e9e915e74ab2a86ce90f73ac [7b927621aa1d1fb7e9e915e74ab2a86ce90f73ac] 02/19/08 23:18:15 Theo Schlossnagle <> make the metrics stuff more flexible, setup check/status/metrics logging.
(edit) @a7f575acc420cc6e5ca474d23cf07149299a3bbd [a7f575acc420cc6e5ca474d23cf07149299a3bbd] 02/09/08 06:05:17 Theo Schlossnagle <> start the framework for a console state machine
(edit) @30700011fc4916bef71870a2bae7739745a7a2bc [30700011fc4916bef71870a2bae7739745a7a2bc] 02/07/08 23:17:43 Theo Schlossnagle <> integrate a full-on telnet server... hey, why not?
(edit) @3efe34af0c1fa7bc6ac79a30bc5991554390a520 [3efe34af0c1fa7bc6ac79a30bc5991554390a520] 02/06/08 16:57:12 Theo Schlossnagle <> build libnoitedit as a part of the build
(edit) @37cf7d8f9e336376dc0ecdb1b80e4776721a950b [37cf7d8f9e336376dc0ecdb1b80e4776721a950b] 02/06/08 04:47:35 Theo Schlossnagle <> A 'simple' tokenizer to help us with the console
(edit) @57a327349609ef60a33dc6da15017c5d6642320a [57a327349609ef60a33dc6da15017c5d6642320a] 02/02/08 19:10:26 Theo Schlossnagle <> renaming something before it becomes crazy painful
(edit) @d0917666cea8e5f782203cebb922a998c939dfa6 [d0917666cea8e5f782203cebb922a998c939dfa6] 01/30/08 03:21:33 Theo Schlossnagle <> add serf and build it as a part of the make process
(edit) @0268e62cb80791dd94220cf6deec916656c7cddd [0268e62cb80791dd94220cf6deec916656c7cddd] 01/25/08 23:07:37 Theo Schlossnagle <> update.. prep for config system and module loading
(edit) @7e43d37ee8476335cb9af1abff0f709c97488df8 [7e43d37ee8476335cb9af1abff0f709c97488df8] 01/24/08 22:01:42 Theo Schlossnagle <> stubs for modules
(edit) @392bce2983e3ccbbb15d63928f3f3e1c53ef9b25 [392bce2983e3ccbbb15d63928f3f3e1c53ef9b25] 01/23/08 21:01:11 Theo Schlossnagle <> implementation (partial) of some stubs
(edit) @f41090dab0be1c792f9587e2d2930761969ace33 [f41090dab0be1c792f9587e2d2930761969ace33] 01/15/08 16:31:23 Theo Schlossnagle <> more work -- this doesn't do much except add plumbing
(edit) @919b09a62be1e318c5b142de70468c11e8fc980e [919b09a62be1e318c5b142de70468c11e8fc980e] 12/17/07 19:03:15 Theo Schlossnagle <> umm.. that last commit was junk, I should work on one machine... This …
(edit) @c105913d38157700cbb9fbc7f0f6f8a7b18de103 [c105913d38157700cbb9fbc7f0f6f8a7b18de103] 12/17/07 18:40:14 Theo Schlossnagle <> compile on OpenBSD
(edit) @01751d3c6a2df6acc30c50e9cd1cce9064262450 [01751d3c6a2df6acc30c50e9cd1cce9064262450] 12/02/07 06:24:33 Theo Schlossnagle <> still nothing working, but substantially more plumbing
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