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(edit) @7303d8cb99b872bcc32bc3aad0f965352106c1d1 [7303d8cb99b872bcc32bc3aad0f965352106c1d1] 03/17/10 16:00:21 Robert Treat <> not sure how valuable the meta info is, but no sense leaving it wrong
(edit) @e0c506312941e8582aba0e588fbd7826a08b213f [e0c506312941e8582aba0e588fbd7826a08b213f] 03/17/10 15:43:46 Robert Treat <> make this forward compatible with postgres 9 and potential keyword …
(edit) @3b7392c035db2b897f4df6be372b3d1a6f14d62c [3b7392c035db2b897f4df6be372b3d1a6f14d62c] 10/23/09 22:00:06 Robert Treat <> adjust to reality, really this should be rewritten as a lookup
(edit) @b62275fd2f6aaf74408996dd469734b8980c9792 [b62275fd2f6aaf74408996dd469734b8980c9792] 10/23/09 21:57:10 Robert Treat <> adjust to expectations
(edit) @dfd06d8bc70524168b54bb26477b5f0a3f3a38fe [dfd06d8bc70524168b54bb26477b5f0a3f3a38fe] 10/20/09 15:34:46 Theo Schlossnagle <> fix up things to work
(edit) @161a5c5dbc37986a5d1c5ce66869d4504f97f0eb [161a5c5dbc37986a5d1c5ce66869d4504f97f0eb] 10/01/09 18:24:01 Denish Patel <> Change schema to stratcon and modified functions to be secturity definer
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