Large-scale Monitoring and Trend Analysis System

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List of Figures

1.1. Some image properties

List of Examples

4.1. Basic noitd configuration struture
4.2. Simple implicit inheritance configuration example
4.3. Simple explicity inheritance configuration example
4.4. Sample configuration for the log section
5.1. Loading the check_test module.
5.2. REST /checks/test XML input.
5.3. Simple encrypted passive checking.
5.4. Establishing PTR records for hosts.
5.5. Checking
5.6. Checking a service via the /path/to/check_foo command.
5.7. Loading the fq_driver.
5.8. Loading the handoff_ingestor.
5.9. Posting a string and a number.
5.10. Loading the ip_acl module.
5.11. Loading the lua loader.
5.12. Tracking MySQL database sizes.
5.13. Check Cloudwatch data
5.14. Checking DHCP connection.
5.15. Monitor two haproxy instances
5.16. Checking an HTTP and HTTPS URL.
5.17. Checking IMAP connection.
5.18. Checking resmon services on OmniTI Labs.
5.19. Checking Keynote services.
5.20. Checking Keynote services.
5.21. Monitor two memcache instances with management on port 11211
5.22. Checking Monit services on localhost
5.23. Monitor a node running munun-node
5.24. Monitor an nginx server with a status page available at
5.25. Checking load via NRPE.
5.26. Monitor an NTP service
5.27. Checking POP3 connection.
5.28. Checking Redis
5.29. Checking elasticsearch services on a node
5.30. Checking resmon services on OmniTI Labs.
5.31. Send an email to test SMTP service.
5.32. Checking TCP connection.
5.33. Monitor two varnish instances with management on port 8081
5.34. Ping checks against a host
5.35. Tracking PostgreSQL database sizes.
5.36. Using the postgres_ingestor.
5.37. Loading the rabbitmq_driver.
5.38. Testing the local noitd instance.
5.39. Simple snmp polling of two switchports
5.40. Example using config inheritance to show reuse
5.41. Simple passive checking.
5.42. Simple ssh polling of 4 machines
5.43. A sample statsd configuration.
5.44. Loading the stomp_driver.
6.1. REST /checks/set XML input.
6.2. REST /checks/show XML output.
6.3. REST /filtert/set XML input.
6.4. REST /filters/show XML output.
7.1. Declaring a foobarquux hook in a header.
7.2. Implementing a foobarquux hook in source.
7.3. Instrumenting a function conditionally.
7.4. A sample instrumentation of foobarquux