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1 #define NOITD_USAGE "NOITD(8)                                                              NOITD(8)\n\n\n\nNNAAMMEE\n       noitd − Reconnoiter scout daemon\n\nSSYYNNOOPPSSIISS\n       nnooiittdd [−c] [−u _u_s_e_r] [−g _g_r_o_u_p] [−t _p_a_t_h] [−d] [−D] [−h]\n\nDDEESSCCRRIIPPTTIIOONN\n       nnooiittdd is the daemon that performs all health and metric checks.\n       Generally, one is run in each environment (secured submet).\n\n       âˆ’−uu     Optionally specifies a username or uid under which to operate.\n\n       âˆ’−gg     Optionally specifies a group name or gid under which to operate.\n\n       âˆ’−tt     Optionally specifies a path to chroot(2) for operation. Measures\n              must be taken to ensure that log files can be accessed in the\n              chrooted environment.\n\n       âˆ’−cc     Specifies a configuration file to read. The initial\n              configuration is read from this file and wwrriittee ccoonnffiigg commands\n              will write to this file. The default location of the\n              configuration file is _n_o_i_t_d_._c_o_n_f in the sysconfdir specified at\n              build time.\n\n       âˆ’−DD     Instructs nnooiittdd to run in the foreground. Normally, noitd\n              consists of a management process and a child process that\n              performs all actions. This prevents that scenario and runs only\n              the child process attached to the terminal. This is primarily\n              for debugging purposes.\n\n       âˆ’−dd     Enables the debug output facility despite configuration to the\n              contrary.\n\n       âˆ’−hh     Displays the usage information.\n\n\n\n                                  09/08/2008                          NOITD(8)\n"
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