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Update tailnmail README

1 These files can be used with the INHERIT option of tail_n_mail in the main configuration file to exclude items which may not be of quite as much importance to a Postgresql admin.
3 tnm8.cfg contains filters for use with Postgresql 8.x and earlier.
5 tnm9.cfg takes advantage of the %e parameter added in 9.x to add the error codes to postgres log lines. Just make sure the %e is the last item in the log_line_prefix defined in postgresql.conf and set the .tailnmailrc file (where you tell tail_n_mail your log_line_prefix pattern) to NOT include the %e as part of the pattern so it can be matched against.
7 tnm9_pgf.cfg is for servers that are also running PGFouine with Postgres 9+. Currently, the only way to get the error code added to the log_line_prefix without breaking PGFouine is to add another key/value pair to the end where the user/db names are given. This config file is assuming you added it on the end similar to the following example:
8 log_line_prefix = '%t (%r) [%p]: [%l-1] user=%u,db=%d,e=%e: '
9 Then leave the error code section out of your .tailnmailrc file so that tail_n_mail can match against it like this
10 log_line_prefix = '%t (%r) [%p]: [%l-1] user=%u,db=%d,'
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