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Ticket Summary Severity Priority Component Type Owner Created
#26 Tests for Mungo::Quiet Not Estimated Yet Minor (have workaround) Tests defect clinton 12/03/09
#17 Mungo start tag is parsed out even in quoted strings 4-16 Hours Minor (have workaround) Parser defect somebody 11/20/09
#15 Mungo::Response has high overhead 4-16 Hours Major Mungo::Response enhancement clinton * 09/17/08
#31 Should be easier to set HTTP response status < 4hours Minor (have workaround) Mungo::Response defect clinton 12/22/10
#23 PreferredLanguage feature for Response < 4hours Minor (have workaround) Mungo::Response enhancement clinton * 12/03/09
#28 Request::ServerVariables('REMOTE_IP') sometimes returns undef < 4hours Minor (have workaround) Mungo::Request defect dhubbard * 12/09/09
#32 Check additional headers for ServerVariables('REMOTE_IP') Not Estimated Yet Minor (have workaround) Mungo::Request enhancement clinton 01/31/11
#21 Module source dump on error does not appear to work Not Estimated Yet Major Error Handling defect clinton 12/02/09
#19 Module source dump on error does not work with Carp Not Estimated Yet Minor (have workaround) Error Handling defect clinton 11/30/09
#20 Docs on Labs website don't match POD Not Estimated Yet Major Documentation defect clinton 11/30/09
#22 Mungo::Cookie Docs incomplete/barely present < 4hours Minor (have workaround) Documentation defect clinton 12/03/09
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