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(edit) @e1fb6fb899c091c26f05a374ed27e067d4d5a3be [e1fb6fb899c091c26f05a374ed27e067d4d5a3be] 05/19/16 12:12:35 Theo Schlossnagle <> Build on darwin and build clean
(edit) @b3e61c55620ec1ab5043a1c727194d8e7fd8655f [b3e61c55620ec1ab5043a1c727194d8e7fd8655f] 05/16/16 19:08:16 Riley Berton <> Enhance throughput by using a pre-commit buffer space along with a …
(edit) @c0496adec8f7ced90540e2a8b6ac45ad8685a523 [c0496adec8f7ced90540e2a8b6ac45ad8685a523] 05/06/16 20:23:26 Riley Berton <> use a new multi-process setting to elide file locking when not needed, use …
(edit) @eb571ca3b265f40ad13d9d2b69eba3a05fb0de62 [eb571ca3b265f40ad13d9d2b69eba3a05fb0de62] 03/03/16 17:22:24 Mark Reynolds <> Theo's changes, not tested yet
(edit) @4fc4aa7c354f009ac374ba7345b3afcdeb2b151a [4fc4aa7c354f009ac374ba7345b3afcdeb2b151a] 02/05/16 20:11:35 Mark Reynolds <> still more autoconf/configure stuff to get the correct includes with …
(edit) @4398f417ba97c6a8915f204fa96d7489e9b6bfcc [4398f417ba97c6a8915f204fa96d7489e9b6bfcc] 02/19/15 19:15:00 Theo Schlossnagle <> more complete shared lib support
(edit) @adf2ee8486352700056029fde45a13fc81b71218 [adf2ee8486352700056029fde45a13fc81b71218] 04/17/08 19:43:46 Wez Furlong <> Sync with the ecelerity jlog sources
(edit) @e4b055a5ccd8c0c463d608e0cdbdbf14367f21d1 [e4b055a5ccd8c0c463d608e0cdbdbf14367f21d1] 02/08/08 16:04:44 Theo Schlossnagle <> no functional changes, just remove compiler warnings
(edit) @11b0ad99636e02743b60e0e3e4d1d9c884842b96 [11b0ad99636e02743b60e0e3e4d1d9c884842b96] 12/17/07 17:39:39 Theo Schlossnagle <> make this compile on OpenBSD
(edit) @9b8a62c4050371b1896f1b7751c6a4f675dd4e28 [9b8a62c4050371b1896f1b7751c6a4f675dd4e28] 09/27/07 14:38:12 Theo Schlossnagle <> Offer these files under a new BSD-style license. Yay
(edit) @81ac86a15e3940ff0b787698853fb6a6157f800b [81ac86a15e3940ff0b787698853fb6a6157f800b] 09/27/07 14:32:09 Theo Schlossnagle <> initial import with Ecelerity bits removed and some autoconf glue added …
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