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(edit) @2adf675734a53374fc3d5457d0a1378bc94f9448 [2adf675734a53374fc3d5457d0a1378bc94f9448] 11/20/08 03:07:02 George Schlossnagle <> It looks like there's a potential race condition where the metastore can …
(edit) @9cb0bc13ef6a9ab4e4d381c41236468209ced609 [9cb0bc13ef6a9ab4e4d381c41236468209ced609] 11/18/08 05:45:32 George Schlossnagle <> fix error handling to work with new read() semantics. fix case that would …
(edit) @b6b39fc7383c59824010dffec2e64aa60a11a4b8 [b6b39fc7383c59824010dffec2e64aa60a11a4b8] 10/21/08 22:45:49 George Schlossnagle <> add function to advance and id. This allows for advancement outside of …
(edit) @b171bfa344c38c32f4b40fb679066b871ed8ff9a [b171bfa344c38c32f4b40fb679066b871ed8ff9a] 10/19/08 15:50:19 George Schlossnagle <> implement rewind action in perl that allows you to push a read message …
(edit) @4d4f2d5737c55d27b4e7c9badeddbbdfc9021ef3 [4d4f2d5737c55d27b4e7c9badeddbbdfc9021ef3] 09/24/08 03:31:52 Theo Schlossnagle <> take suggest GNU cc fix, I thought that not all versions of gcc supported …
(edit) @5b33ecc14d5b2a8f633fd8b6427085395d985fa0 [5b33ecc14d5b2a8f633fd8b6427085395d985fa0] 09/11/08 13:30:09 George Schlossnagle <> Allow write() to take an optional timestamp to make useof the …
(edit) @14587e974f1fd1269eb829aee8fcfbe1c01a5de7 [14587e974f1fd1269eb829aee8fcfbe1c01a5de7] 08/07/08 15:27:00 Wez Furlong <> build bits for OSX
(edit) @d4b68277f7b7431df1ca3c889a74699ee986b1e6 [d4b68277f7b7431df1ca3c889a74699ee986b1e6] 08/05/08 17:59:05 Wez Furlong <> tidy this up a little
(edit) @0d3bb3960515b99a297e2b79a691468ab1af9b11 [0d3bb3960515b99a297e2b79a691468ab1af9b11] 08/05/08 17:48:46 Wez Furlong <> build bits for solaris
(edit) @ca53bb1e58f4a5232041215e75ce2e032769be2e [ca53bb1e58f4a5232041215e75ce2e032769be2e] 06/06/08 16:08:17 Theo Schlossnagle <> Suffixes for non GNU make
(edit) @ad2a2d0e11bf436100d880b47f4f3832fb874bd6 [ad2a2d0e11bf436100d880b47f4f3832fb874bd6] 05/26/08 07:00:35 Wez Furlong <> install jlog_config.h
(edit) @7d4175d1f1c6024a9681faea2df104efc1a5eb08 [7d4175d1f1c6024a9681faea2df104efc1a5eb08] 04/23/08 18:08:14 Wez Furlong <> need to include fcntl.h for php 5.1.6 to compile the extension
(edit) @cafb307c410a0d6e646b8bf86050d3bf21281345 [cafb307c410a0d6e646b8bf86050d3bf21281345] 04/18/08 00:54:54 Wez Furlong <> do a vendor install for the perl bits
(edit) @38548991ed56b69bc705cb445b413da0d5c5755a [38548991ed56b69bc705cb445b413da0d5c5755a] 04/17/08 20:03:05 Wez Furlong <> Use clean-IP getopt implementation. Fixup build for jlog tools
(edit) @adf2ee8486352700056029fde45a13fc81b71218 [adf2ee8486352700056029fde45a13fc81b71218] 04/17/08 19:43:46 Wez Furlong <> Sync with the ecelerity jlog sources
(edit) @9e4597f114a0f6712f05909f7d5c9c5a8b47cb41 [9e4597f114a0f6712f05909f7d5c9c5a8b47cb41] 04/17/08 18:24:42 Wez Furlong <> fixup uname usage
(edit) @5f07285ffee30b813dc892fec02952695c12d4dd [5f07285ffee30b813dc892fec02952695c12d4dd] 04/17/08 18:02:47 Wez Furlong <> fixup installation of shared lib and perl bits
(edit) @2401d94b5a05c88595a40be7243941c14fab55c3 [2401d94b5a05c88595a40be7243941c14fab55c3] 04/17/08 17:51:54 Wez Furlong <> allow building as shared object, wire up perl module build
(edit) @95502c56c2fe0759ea6f80b997b4989fd851305a [95502c56c2fe0759ea6f80b997b4989fd851305a] 03/13/08 23:03:39 Theo Schlossnagle <> We need the LDFLAGS for the compile, jic LIBS contains things somewhere …
(edit) @e4b055a5ccd8c0c463d608e0cdbdbf14367f21d1 [e4b055a5ccd8c0c463d608e0cdbdbf14367f21d1] 02/08/08 16:04:44 Theo Schlossnagle <> no functional changes, just remove compiler warnings
(edit) @11b0ad99636e02743b60e0e3e4d1d9c884842b96 [11b0ad99636e02743b60e0e3e4d1d9c884842b96] 12/17/07 17:39:39 Theo Schlossnagle <> make this compile on OpenBSD
(edit) @4eb91b816ff8e15c5821e1b980d30df5d365fdf7 [4eb91b816ff8e15c5821e1b980d30df5d365fdf7] 12/17/07 17:39:23 Theo Schlossnagle <> jlog_config.h is an autconf target
(edit) @8a084ae9443df0bf417a63d4bb43c7f549354d75 [8a084ae9443df0bf417a63d4bb43c7f549354d75] 12/02/07 04:24:54 Theo Schlossnagle <> Without this a warning is thrown on newer autoconfs
(edit) @9b8a62c4050371b1896f1b7751c6a4f675dd4e28 [9b8a62c4050371b1896f1b7751c6a4f675dd4e28] 09/27/07 14:38:12 Theo Schlossnagle <> Offer these files under a new BSD-style license. Yay
(edit) @81ac86a15e3940ff0b787698853fb6a6157f800b [81ac86a15e3940ff0b787698853fb6a6157f800b] 09/27/07 14:32:09 Theo Schlossnagle <> initial import with Ecelerity bits removed and some autoconf glue added …
(edit) @5229b0a22a986dec545b40be5ecc4b3380924206 [5229b0a22a986dec545b40be5ecc4b3380924206] 09/27/07 03:54:31 Theo Schlossnagle <> The license under which files fall unless otherwise specified
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