Large-scale, distributed HTTP-based asset storage system.


FastXSL is an extension to PHP that make applying XSLT transforms to XML faster through trickery and black magic.


JLog is short for "journaled log" and this package is really an API and implementation that is libjlog. What is libjlog? libjlog is a pure C, very simple durable message queue with multiple subscribers and publishers (both thread and multi-process safe). The basic concept is that publishers can open a log and write messages to it while subscribers open the log and consume messages from it. "That sounds easy." libjlog abstracts away the need to perform log rotation or maintenance by publishing into fixed size log buffers and eliminating old log buffers when there are no more consumers pending.


JSend is a specification for a simple, no-frills, JSON based format for application-level communication.


Mungo aims to dramatically lower the barrier of entry when coding web pages with perl code emebedded in them. It is an "anti-framework" to make programming web pages under mod_perl as accessible as php. Mungo provides ASP-style embedding syntax <% ...code... %> and works with mod_perl 1 and 2. It is lightweight, fast, efficient and extremely powerful.

OpenSSH + SecurID

Embeds SecurID two-factor authentication against RSA's ACE server into portable OpenSSH.

Tasty Treats for PostgreSQL

This is a collection of PostgreSQL related tools used to help maintain various databases here at OmniTI. Think of PostgreSQL, Perl, Shell, DTrace, ZFS, Zones and a good bit of experience all put in a blender. Yum!

Portable umem

This is a port of the Solaris umem memory allocator to other popular operating systems, such as Linux, Windows and BSDish systems (including Darwin/OSX).

Project DTrace

A project to rapidly add robust DTrace user-space SDTs to popular open source applications.


Reconnoiter is a monitoring and trending system. It handles highly distributed, heterogeneous environments and implement highly efficient probes for a rapidly growing number of services. All assessment is funneled back to a business intelligence system that is capable of graphing, trending, reporting and fault detection.


Resmon is a lightweight utility for local host monitoring that can be queried by tools such as nagios over http. One of the main design goals is portability: that resmon should require nothing more than a default install of Perl. Built with the philosophy that "we are smart because we are dumb," that is, local requirements should be minimal to ease deployment on multiple platforms.


Spreadlogd is a simple tool to log messages received via the Spread Group Communication system. It is primary used in conjuction with mod_log_spread to journal a centralized log file for a cluster of Apache servers.


Zetaback is a thin-agent based ZFS backup tool. It is designed to help simplify the task of backing up thousands of filesystems on hundreds of machines across and organization. It simplifies the task of automatically picking up newly created ZFS filesystems for backup purposes and restoring any given backup (host/FS/timestamp) to a target ZFS capable host.