Ticket #34 (new enhancement)

Opened 9 years ago

Make archives viewable

Reported by: esproul Assigned to: somebody
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Right now, zetaback archives are a one-way street. Once a backup has been archived, it "disappears" from zetaback's view. The only way to examine what's in the archive is to look at the filesystem. However, the on-disk files have the dataset name base64-encoded, so it's not immediately obvious without some shell trickery to see what you've got.

I propose that we add a summary option to view archived backups, with the same simple/expanded choice as one currently has for viewing active backups. I choose to extend the '-s' option only, since the information from '-l' is (IMHO) too minimal for the archive exploration case.

Use case:

  • '-sa' to view a list of archives with timestamp, type and size (same output as '-s')
  • '-sax' to view an expanded list of archives, similar to '-sx'