Ticket #28 (new enhancement)

Opened 9 years ago

Provide optimal method for backing up the server itself

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It's increasingly likely that Zetaback servers will be deployed where the OS boots from ZFS, and one would want to back up the server's root filesystem and other rpool bits. This works today, with some caveats:

  • The root pool should be on different spindles from the zetaback store, otherwise it doesn't gain anything.
  • If the zetaback store is on ZFS, it must be excluded to avoid backing up everything twice.
  • The server's public key needs to be in its own .ssh/authorized_keys file.

It would be sweet if we could bypass having to ssh to ourselves, saving non-trivial CPU resources. We'd need some way to indicate or discover that we're backing up the server itself, and just skip to the zfs send/receive.