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Change in behavior of zfs list

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In snv_99, 'zfs list' no longer displays snapshots by default. See http://bugs.opensolaris.org/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=6734916

We may need to add '-t snapshot' when we want to evaluate the existence of zb snaps versus discovering the filesystems themselves. The -t option is not new, so we should not have to do any version detection.

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10/13/08 21:24:26 changed by esproul

Example from an snv_99 system:

$ zfs list -t snapshot
NAME                              USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
data/homes@__zb_full_1223312404   112K      -   987M  -
data/homes@__zb_incr              110K      -   987M  -
data/homes@__zb_full_1223496203    85K      -   986M  -
data/homes@__zb_full_1223580832    85K      -   986M  -
data/homes@__zb_full_1223665431    86K      -   987M  -
data/homes@__zb_full_1223750031    53K      -   987M  -
data/homes@__zb_full_1223834631    53K      -   987M  -
data/homes@__zb_full_1223919007    18K      -   987M  -
vmach@__zb_full_1223325005        372M      -  9.56G  -
vmach@__zb_incr                   196M      -  9.56G  -
vmach@__zb_full_1223496228       98.5M      -  9.57G  -
vmach@__zb_full_1223580896        108M      -  9.61G  -
vmach@__zb_full_1223665498       81.8M      -  9.61G  -
vmach@__zb_full_1223750097       60.2M      -  9.61G  -
vmach@__zb_full_1223834697       71.1M      -  9.61G  -
vmach@__zb_full_1223919073       52.2M      -  9.74G  -

There should only be one full and one incremental at any given time. The above incrementals are left over from before snv_99 was installed on this host. Zetaback is now taking a full every time.

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(In [67]) Explicitly get both snapshots and filesystems. Fixes #25