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9Solris bug 6343779 prevents two phase restoressomebodydefectcriticalcomponent1
1Implement restoresomebodyenhancementmajorcomponent1
2POD documentation / man pagessomebodyenhancementmajorcomponent1
3Add version supportsomebodydefectmajorcomponent1
6Add locking to prevent two concurrent backups of the same hots:zfssomebodydefectmajorcomponent1
7perl runs to 100% CPU in read/write loopsomebodydefectmajorcomponent1
8Extend config parser to support quoted stringssomebodydefectmajorcomponent1
10implement install targetesproulenhancementmajorcomponent1
11Add loggingsomebodyenhancementmajorcomponent1
12Allow a forced full backup.somebodyenhancementmajorcomponent1
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