[Zetaback-users] need more examples of configuration

Eric Sproul esproul at omniti.com
Tue Nov 3 10:26:09 EST 2009

Jan Hlodan wrote:
> Hello,
> here is my situation:
> * one master storage server (snv build 110, with zfs support) should
> receive snapshots from client (Solaris 10 U8 build 8a with zfs
> support) via ssh.
> * zetaback is installed on master and client (in /export/home/user/zetaback)
> Can you give me some tips how zetaback.conf should look?
> I've read your documentation pages, but I have some doubts with
> running zetaback.

Hello Jan,
Sorry it took so long for someone to get back to you.  I presume you've looked
over the sample config that comes with the release bundle?  Usually the only
things you need to set are the store and archive options, to match where you
want to keep backups and archived (inactive) snaps, respectively.  You might
also want to explicitly specify the full path to the agent, to avoid issues with
$PATH on the client.

Let's say your backups go into /data/zfs_backups and archives into
/data/zfs_archives, and your agent is in the location you mentioned.  Your
config would look something like this:

default {
  store = /data/zfs_backups/%h
  archive = /data/zfs_archives/%h
  agent = /export/home/user/zetaback/zetaback_agent
  backup_interval = 86400
  full_interval = 604800

host1 {}
host2 {}
hostN {}

This will organize your backups under /data/zfs_backups by the hostname, so
you'll have /data/zfs_backups/host1/<backups>, etc.  Same for archives.  The
interval is daily, and the retention is 2 weeks; both are the defaults.  All
hosts have the same configuration.  If a particular host needs something
different, say the agent is in a different place:

host {
  agent = /some/other/path/to/zetaback_agent

You can override any of the config options in the host scope, otherwise they
fall back to the global scope.

You can test your config to see what will happen with an invocation like:

zetaback -b -d -n

which will perform a backup (-b) with debug verbosity (-d) but not actually do
anything (-n).

Let us know if you get stuck on something.

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