[Zetaback-users] general configuration help needed...

Sebastian Ries Sebastian.Ries at dtnet.de
Mon Aug 24 10:56:28 EDT 2009

Hi there

I found zetaback and it looks like a very cool backup for our
opensolaris storage servers.

First some Questions:
Is it possible to run zetaback on a linux server and backup solaris
servers from there?

I tried to understand the docu on https://labs.omniti.com/docs/zetaback/
an thought I understood it - but it does not work.

I have some storage-servers called storage13, storage14, ...

therefore (for testing) I compiled zetaback (but did not install it)

here is my zetaback.conf
-- 8< --------------------------------
default {
  store = /pool12/maintain_nfs/zetaback/%h
  archive = /pool12/maintain_nfs/zetaback_archives/%h
  agent = /opt/zetaback/zetaback_agent
-c /opt/zetaback/zetaback_agent.conf
  backup_interval = 86400
  full_interval = 604800

storage13.dev.softwaredemo.de {}
-- 8< --------------------------------

but running zetaback does not seam to work:

root at storage14:~/zetaback-1.0.4# ./zetaback -b -ff -c zetaback.conf -d
-h storage13.dev.softwaredemo.de
Planning 'storage13.dev.softwaredemo.de'
Acquiring lock for storage13.dev.softwaredemo.de:.list
Releasing lock for storage13.dev.softwaredemo.de:.list

(this command takes less than one minute and does not cause any network
I tried this from linux to solaris as well as from solaris to solaris
with the same result.

What did I miss?

Sebastian Ries

DT Netsolution GmbH -  Talaeckerstr. 30 -  D-70437 Stuttgart
Tel: +49-711-849910-36               Fax: +49-711-849910-936
WEB: http://www.dtnet.de/     email: Sebastian.Ries at dtnet.de

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