Zetaback ZFS backup and recovery management system

Zetaback is a thin-agent based ZFS backup tool. It is designed to:

  • run from a central host
  • scan clients for new ZFS filesystems
  • manage varying desired backup intervals (per host) for
    • full backups
    • incremental backups
  • maintain varying retention policies (per host)
  • summarize existing backups
  • restore any host:fs backup at any point in time to any target host


  • Backup host with a LOT of disk space.
  • SSH in place where a user on the backup server can perform a password-less remote login to the clients (using ssh keys) and execute the agent script as root.
  • Perl 5 on client and server.
  • ZFS tools installed on client.


  • Zetaback 1.0.7
  • Download the code from git:
    git clone git://labs.omniti.com/zetaback.git
    cd zetaback
    make install

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