Name Size Rev Age Last Change
lib 2150c6cf464d1a3302d2825109d10e9349082389 7 years Eric Miller <>: Sort xml output by module and service names
resources 880c6cef6cac121bb61370f67d47c78025b3b0ef 7 years Mark Harrison <>: Improved output on errors/regex/equals checks
LICENSE 1.5 kB 176b711c6482300cd058779658f6dcf1caa898d7 10 years Mark Harrison <>: Adding license (New BSD license - 3 clause) git-svn-id: …
resmon 4.5 kB d710bcb9b19ab354fa6cbab08cbe91dcee175e86 8 years Mark Harrison <>: Support wildcard modules (fixes #7) This is done using a wildcard_handler …
resmon.conf.sample 479 bytes 0bd15e6f0f269b655a4b3fc61231a9372ccbb51d 8 years Jason Dixon <>: modernize git-svn-id:
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