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Subterfuge Release

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created
#198 Hiding a guide does not work webconsole None defect jesus 10/02/09

Hiding a guide in the graph creator does not behave as expected.

#199 'auto' in RPN math manipulation doesn't work webconsole None defect jesus 10/02/09

auto,2,round does not work, it actually clears the auto setting.

This error is likely due to auto's very odd behaviour. auto only fires for the first graph datapoint on each axis (Y1, Y2). Also, it can only reasonably be applied in one of the math sections. We may want to take the auto stuff out of the math box and add a check box to "auto" and axis that would "do the right thing" for all the data points on each axis.

#252 config set in CLI should not require XML entities noitd None defect jesus 02/10/10

Setting config var fo=ba&foo=bar will set var set to fo=ba

(I expected the XML escaping in the configuration file itself, but not in the "CLI").

#11 LDAP checker noitd enhancement jesus * 03/05/08

Run ldap queries. Optionally log results or validate results.

#118 Graph template editor webconsole enhancement jesus 05/03/09

One should be able to construct a graph template from an existing graph (saved or unsaved).

Templates should be editable by allowing the user to choose a set of completing data sets (as with template creation) that creates an unsaved graph in the editor... after editing, they should be able to save as template.

#265 Allow stratcond to suppress incoming metrics. stratcond None enhancement jesus 02/26/10

Add a feature to allow uuid/metric_name allow lists to be loaded into stratcond.

This feature should be added without breaking BC.

Allow lists should be specified per UUID. If non-existent, no suppression is performed. If the allow list exists for a specific uuid, it should suppress all metrics received not on the allow list.

#125 Develop sane EQL to detect failures. stratcond task jesus * 05/12/09

Develop sane EQL.

#194 add AUTH to the smtp checker noitd None task jesus 10/01/09

support popular forms of SMTP AUTH

#149 asserts in checks due to running overlap noitd None defect jesus 06/27/09

All checks in the system assert() that they are not running when fired. This assert is a "design by contract." However, the ideal behaviour is to allow an assertion counter that is exposed through the selfcheck. It should be a debugging compile-time option to keep the asserts, otherwise, the check fire is short-circuited, an error is logged and a check-start contract violation counter is increment which is reported via selfcheck.

#220 Allow the inherit attribute to be set on configs from the console noitd None enhancement jesus 11/30/09

Provide a syntax like:

# inherit config SwitchPortX

That will verify the existence of "SwitchPortX" config template and set the inherit attribute on the config in the current section or check (creating a config node if required).

Current workaround is to edit the XML directly and issue a reload.

#152 configuring checks via the console misses 'C' log events sometimes. noitd None defect jesus 07/07/09

I just configured 4 snmp checks via the console and somehow 'C' log events were not registered so they did not show up in the database in the loading_dock_check_s table which is needed for visibility from within the web UI. No data was lost, a SID was associated and data was collecting, but it required a 'reload' from the CLI to get it to emit the 'C' events.

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