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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Created
#308 Streaming graph breaks when check has been removed stratcond None defect jesus 08/18/10
#356 allow passive checks to log metrics independently of statuses noitd None defect jesus 03/02/11
#273 Add dynamically adjusted poll timeouts to schedulers. noit-core None enhancement jesus 04/29/10
#296 Refactor HTTP modules for more efficient reuse noitd None enhancement jesus 07/07/10
#310 Allow inheritance of attributes in REST /checks/set/ noitd None enhancement jesus 08/23/10
#39 Documentation noit-core task jesus 06/26/08
#42 clean up logging usage noit-core task jesus 07/02/08
#314 tab completion of checks breaks within interactive session after config terminal use noitd None defect jesus 09/08/10
#155 Copy graph/export to image webconsole None enhancement jesus 07/13/09
#168 Allow type overrides in snmp noitd None enhancement jesus 08/17/09
#309 better error messages from /checks/set/ noitd None enhancement jesus 08/23/10
#34 Cleanup warnings. noit-core task jesus 06/22/08
#198 Hiding a guide does not work webconsole None Subterfuge defect jesus 10/02/09
#199 'auto' in RPN math manipulation doesn't work webconsole None Subterfuge defect jesus 10/02/09
#252 config set in CLI should not require XML entities noitd None Subterfuge defect jesus 02/10/10
#11 LDAP checker noitd Subterfuge enhancement jesus * 03/05/08
#118 Graph template editor webconsole Subterfuge enhancement jesus 05/03/09
#265 Allow stratcond to suppress incoming metrics. stratcond None Subterfuge enhancement jesus 02/26/10
#125 Develop sane EQL to detect failures. stratcond Subterfuge task jesus * 05/12/09
#194 add AUTH to the smtp checker noitd None Subterfuge task jesus 10/01/09
#149 asserts in checks due to running overlap noitd None Subterfuge defect jesus 06/27/09
#220 Allow the inherit attribute to be set on configs from the console noitd None Subterfuge enhancement jesus 11/30/09
#152 configuring checks via the console misses 'C' log events sometimes. noitd None Subterfuge defect jesus 07/07/09
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