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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Severity
11LDAP checkerjesusenhancementassignedmajorcritical
193add STARTTLS support to the SMTP checkerjesusenhancementclosedmajorannoying
194add AUTH to the smtp checkerjesustasknewmajorannoying
252config set in CLI should not require XML entitiesjesusdefectnewmajorannoying
261support UDP sockets in the lua shimjesusenhancementclosedmajorserious
262HttpClient lua returns 0 byte document for connection-closed sessionsjesusdefectclosedmajorannoying
268Add collectd "instance" name into metric names.jesusenhancementclosedmajorannoying
295Create a Java check bridge.jesustaskclosedmajorserious
149asserts in checks due to running overlapjesusdefectnewminorannoying
220Allow the inherit attribute to be set on configs from the consolejesusenhancementnewminorannoying
258add granular timings to database checksjesusenhancementclosedminorannoying
152configuring checks via the console misses 'C' log events sometimes.jesusdefectnewtrivialbenign
205chroot and privilege dropping is a messjesusdefectclosedtestingbenign
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