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(edit) @504c244aab3b3a41bd8cde575384557c0053bee8 [504c244aab3b3a41bd8cde575384557c0053bee8] 06/11/09 15:20:00 Umar Farooq <> dont include TEXT placeholders in graph genesis, refs #112
(edit) @dba783fd8de4462aac3926d4fcfb4806f6433571 [dba783fd8de4462aac3926d4fcfb4806f6433571] 06/10/09 22:06:27 Umar Farooq <> confirm that the user wants to update graphs before doing so when using …
(edit) @a6f44d6b86937e3b7a7f84eea82557562396a359 [a6f44d6b86937e3b7a7f84eea82557562396a359] 06/10/09 15:50:26 Umar Farooq <> creating graphs from templates now track their genesis, and update if they …
(edit) @43db6fd05a8814ba23c94d2dcc0388ca23393e10 [43db6fd05a8814ba23c94d2dcc0388ca23393e10] 06/08/09 22:41:28 Umar Farooq <> combinations of sids now used to make graphs from templates...still needs …
(edit) @86bd53ef91b671f4e3ebd48b47c57178cdacc001 [86bd53ef91b671f4e3ebd48b47c57178cdacc001] 11/26/08 23:07:10 Umar Farooq <> notify button for saving graphs and hiding sids in templates
(edit) @477b283b142129db6f024d07d097d16c48a241a2 [477b283b142129db6f024d07d097d16c48a241a2] 11/26/08 21:06:47 Umar Farooq <> functionality to use templates to create graphs
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