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(edit) @cec1cb615495ea336dfb3d405ee59926b654fa1f [cec1cb615495ea336dfb3d405ee59926b654fa1f] 10/01/09 15:02:34 Theo Schlossnagle <> patches from Dan... with all the +1s I'm not sure why he didn't commit …
(edit) @4ff9608cdb1365ae2aa16b1e63e8fbcb4495b685 [4ff9608cdb1365ae2aa16b1e63e8fbcb4495b685] 09/29/09 02:55:59 Theo Schlossnagle <> the code is a number, make it so
(edit) @a1cce7403248b12cda4a41fa8a479ab3e90fbc66 [a1cce7403248b12cda4a41fa8a479ab3e90fbc66] 09/29/09 00:41:23 Theo Schlossnagle <> fix issues with nil content returns
(edit) @25263558f9eb21ca34ae6dd63f1436c6ce6caeb1 [25263558f9eb21ca34ae6dd63f1436c6ce6caeb1] 09/25/09 22:00:35 Theo Schlossnagle <> allow payloads to be sent as well, refs #187
(edit) @b82c61f42705019a80ef6cc50e587771f3ab1aae [b82c61f42705019a80ef6cc50e587771f3ab1aae] 09/19/09 00:27:44 Theo Schlossnagle <> connection:close could dump headers and bail, we'll notice that later and …
(edit) @72e62f78f28e05bb81e934d01101f777d85e2cd2 [72e62f78f28e05bb81e934d01101f777d85e2cd2] 09/18/09 23:58:47 Theo Schlossnagle <> first whack, please test the crap out of this. refs #181
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