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(edit) @c846c2c0ff0cb37389340db0a93312f7df4964c7 [c846c2c0ff0cb37389340db0a93312f7df4964c7] 02/08/15 23:08:25 James Lamb <> remove duplicate libhwlock-dev dependency
(edit) @8a2c701810a3373753aedd0d22e480fa67d4d851 [8a2c701810a3373753aedd0d22e480fa67d4d851] 02/08/15 23:06:45 James Lamb <> fix up dependencies so that all the features are available after the …
(edit) @d805208a57fc5f4e06f8f5aa49d2d770887fa717 [d805208a57fc5f4e06f8f5aa49d2d770887fa717] 02/02/15 04:37:09 James Lamb <> bugfix debian install scripts to work on ubuntu 14.04
(edit) @a36d03e9325d8f6acbb5ca5edbb1dd0464e7c975 [a36d03e9325d8f6acbb5ca5edbb1dd0464e7c975] 12/19/12 10:22:47 Robert Goliasz <> add the new build-dep
(edit) @4c8d27165a09dc22db4314fd144ed834d04ce4e7 [4c8d27165a09dc22db4314fd144ed834d04ce4e7] 03/22/12 01:47:11 Brad Marshall <> Added jlogctl to noit packaging
(edit) @543cfd4366e59f3cdc4a1fd3e8efe8f6e8f6f790 [543cfd4366e59f3cdc4a1fd3e8efe8f6e8f6f790] 03/07/12 07:13:05 Brad Marshall <> Fixed stratcon install file to have new version of esper jar Fixed …
(edit) @ca6785e5f9ea33368d24a392af343c28de4bbc3e [ca6785e5f9ea33368d24a392af343c28de4bbc3e] 01/12/12 15:51:58 Thom May <> keep up to date with all the new java libs
(edit) @befb7bc1b2ae8fd99154759bb4ee135faee38019 [befb7bc1b2ae8fd99154759bb4ee135faee38019] 01/09/12 12:00:20 Thom May <> add protobuf development headers to debian build
(edit) @2ca04979d345e8d9b19db839402d46134ae1a0bb [2ca04979d345e8d9b19db839402d46134ae1a0bb] 12/19/11 03:56:20 Brad Marshall <> Updated filepath to remove lib from jar files
(edit) @1c72b25e1ee042e2a8e8a16eec7239c98e6cd892 [1c72b25e1ee042e2a8e8a16eec7239c98e6cd892] 06/09/11 22:53:52 Brandon Philips <> pkg: fix up debian package to actually work A number of changes have left …
(edit) @b88ee0590c78df9adbd00f954e5a40f4e8ac3919 [b88ee0590c78df9adbd00f954e5a40f4e8ac3919] 04/12/11 20:28:40 Theo Schlossnagle <> Deploy a debian compliant crontab for stratcon
(edit) @665f9c63a3d4c7abe5b4c170ca51269ab7b4592f [665f9c63a3d4c7abe5b4c170ca51269ab7b4592f] 04/12/11 20:28:35 Theo Schlossnagle <> Rejig to move debian directory out of root
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