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(edit) @5ffee936fd42a8be0f88f02011f91860e8219cba [5ffee936fd42a8be0f88f02011f91860e8219cba] 05/02/14 14:42:15 Theo Schlossnagle <> Merge pull request #196 from sevan/patch-2 Update BUILDING
(edit) @f57db0a80533dfc37543e21ec4ea0c15d2b2f366 [f57db0a80533dfc37543e21ec4ea0c15d2b2f366] 04/04/14 16:31:24 Sevan Janiyan <> Update BUILDING Specify path for additionally headers Resolves `- …
(edit) @53d7dd0828678bbc42b0dc6af075530af8e230ea [53d7dd0828678bbc42b0dc6af075530af8e230ea] 04/04/14 10:23:19 Sevan Janiyan <> Update BUILDING Add missing libraries needed for noit & stratcon modules
(edit) @532f8739ed5792440117f6cd80c59843a51e41bb [532f8739ed5792440117f6cd80c59843a51e41bb] 04/04/14 10:04:41 Sevan Janiyan <> Update BUILDING Pass the location of the libraries installed from the …
(edit) @e6afc88b4d082f91a150b33d7686f2ac8ad64c63 [e6afc88b4d082f91a150b33d7686f2ac8ad64c63] 12/19/13 06:55:40 Stephan Renatus <> tiny docs nitpick
(edit) @de2b91b414b6112f2e3fc261ffdb3b2a7944249b [de2b91b414b6112f2e3fc261ffdb3b2a7944249b] 08/18/13 18:25:00 Theo Schlossnagle <> Build instruction on OmniOS
(edit) @dc9661baaa71c7b3cd694e95727eb4c63c4a439d [dc9661baaa71c7b3cd694e95727eb4c63c4a439d] 12/06/12 06:16:21 Ask Bjørn Hansen <> Add a couple of missing dependencies to the CentOS section
(edit) @7053499ee3ea9936d417845d684854cae0902b80 [7053499ee3ea9936d417845d684854cae0902b80] 12/03/12 12:08:55 Sevan Janiyan <> Update BUILDING devel/protobuf-c is a dependency, configure will not …
(edit) @c6a03217ce63dd95bbf453f35f902fb2ec8725ad [c6a03217ce63dd95bbf453f35f902fb2ec8725ad] 11/21/11 03:23:27 Theo Schlossnagle <> need libprotobuf-c
(edit) @8d403778d8b836418f22a2ee3112cc0e50861f5c [8d403778d8b836418f22a2ee3112cc0e50861f5c] 02/21/11 17:26:03 Theo Schlossnagle <> note the packages required to run tests
(edit) @0c6d9c2fd9ee8e351a6965064bc86c4bc289367d [0c6d9c2fd9ee8e351a6965064bc86c4bc289367d] 04/08/10 03:49:54 Theo Schlossnagle <> note that postgres 8.4 is required
(edit) @43bd973480462e3a0c7a6e1ad2926df2d3137fcf [43bd973480462e3a0c7a6e1ad2926df2d3137fcf] 01/13/10 00:48:45 Theo Schlossnagle <> add java to the debian build deps
(edit) @ed7aabe19ded18908eae8deb7b3e532520b8a6b9 [ed7aabe19ded18908eae8deb7b3e532520b8a6b9] 09/14/09 19:01:51 Theo Schlossnagle <> build instructions for CentOS
(edit) @e68d35702cdc13ce00fdda98235cb31f7bc2cf2b [e68d35702cdc13ce00fdda98235cb31f7bc2cf2b] 03/30/09 16:31:05 Theo Schlossnagle <> add ssh2 and snmp stuff and put selfcheck in the test config
(edit) @59a630e99b6a78c0717912c2c7e7e70e1b05cba5 [59a630e99b6a78c0717912c2c7e7e70e1b05cba5] 03/20/09 16:52:37 Theo Schlossnagle <> Info on building reconnoiter from source from the users list.
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