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(edit) @1c72b25e1ee042e2a8e8a16eec7239c98e6cd892 [1c72b25e1ee042e2a8e8a16eec7239c98e6cd892] 06/09/11 22:53:52 Brandon Philips <> pkg: fix up debian package to actually work A number of changes have left …
(edit) @a3e0dd2be913581a8f4beeee456a15f2a17732df [a3e0dd2be913581a8f4beeee456a15f2a17732df] 05/15/11 14:41:13 Theo Schlossnagle <> if you run it in test mode, this will be created as a side effect
(edit) @29fae1d96b5afb603790249d4abcf226b7b16d45 [29fae1d96b5afb603790249d4abcf226b7b16d45] 05/14/11 21:16:22 Theo Schlossnagle <> Sooner or later, a corrupt jlog is going to make someone's life …
(edit) @520106c37dca8dd9921431f0385fa4a74fecf4d5 [520106c37dca8dd9921431f0385fa4a74fecf4d5] 04/21/11 21:49:32 Theo Schlossnagle <> support versioning from git
(edit) @a2e838787161508d37aa20f791d13bcadc05fa89 [a2e838787161508d37aa20f791d13bcadc05fa89] 04/09/11 21:01:26 Theo Schlossnagle <> ignore lua -- I build it manually sometimes
(edit) @158a0c108d72bd10e7012510ed7c2f69b838026c [158a0c108d72bd10e7012510ed7c2f69b838026c] 04/07/11 16:53:43 Theo Schlossnagle <> A *hopefully* complete gitignore
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