[Reconnoiter-users] Scaling reconnoiter configurations

Michal Taborsky michal at taborsky.cz
Thu Dec 6 05:02:59 EST 2012

Hello Ask,

here is how we do it for a part of our setup. We are monitoring quite a few
(hundreds) of URLs with Reconnoiter (besides other things). We have an
external database table where we manage the URLs via simple web interface.
Each URL is assigned a UUID on creation and also a flag, set by a trigger
when the row is inserted/updated/marked for delete, that signifies the
change should be pushed to noit. We have a periodic job that uses the noit
REST API to push the checks to Reconnoiter. There is no way to query the
noit checks, so we decided to build it like this, because we manage the URL
in the database anyway.

So if you have a database of some sorts your endpoints that you'd like to
measure (and I assume you do), just add a UUID attribute somewhere in there
and use the API to push changes. If you have a large number of checks and a
lot of changes, it might make sense to use some queue for the change
requests, but in our case the cron job is enough and is just few lines of
PHP code.

BTW: I am a member of pool.ntp.org, thanks for your good work :)

Michal Taborsky

2012/12/6 Ask Bjørn Hansen <ask at develooper.com>

> Hi everyone,
> (I mean scaling not as in "make it technically work" but rather seeking
> advice in making it manageable).
> I haven't used reconnoiter for a few years, but am dabbling with it again
> now.
> On use-case is that I'd like to try having reconnoiter help with the
> monitoring of the NTP Pool servers, but for various reasons I'd like the
> systems to be as loosely coupled as possible (mostly risk aversion, lack of
> hardware in the right place and lack of development resources/time).
> What's the best way to "tag" the checks in the noitd configuration with an
> account name/number?  I'm trying to avoid having to use an account/server
> -> uuid mapping table in my external system. It'd be convenient if some of
> the noitd configuration data got cached in the pgsql database (at least the
> "path" to the check id).
> Maybe I just need to suck it up and do that and the work to keep them in
> sync?
> Otherwise an obvious approach is to use (abuse?) the hierarchy/sections in
> the noitd configuration to specify "owner", but it seems like I'll lose
> some of the benefits I have now from having checks grouped by
> location/type/etc.
> Ask
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