[Reconnoiter-users] JMX configuration

viq viq at viq.ath.cx
Wed Mar 30 05:27:11 EDT 2011

I know it's jezebel that is used to configure JMX checks but I haven't
yet figured out how. I have jezebel started:

sudo -u _jezebel /usr/local/reconnoiter/bin/jezebel -l /tmp/jezebel.log -p /tmp/jezebel.pid -f

And the following in noit.conf:

      <module loader="lua" name="jmx" object="noit.module.jezebel"/>


        <machine target="" module="com.omniti.jezebel.check.jmx">
          <check uuid="13dd0183-5aa8-11e0-adfb-0002a551643b"/>

I started noit with this config, but
show check 13dd0183-5aa8-11e0-adfb-0002a551643b
tells me among other things "currently: disabled"

Is this the proper way to configure JMX checks, or am I doing things
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