[Reconnoiter-users] Mysql module core dumps on FreeBSD 8.2.

Bo Rising Rasmussen borising at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 15:54:21 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

I have been running reconnoiter in a production environment for some
months now, and last week I set out to setup some mysql checks. At
first I tried to follow the example given on this page:

And after I enabled the check through the noit console, it immediately
core dumped.

I have the following specs:

FreeBSD 8.2
MySQL 5.0.92
Newest trunk revision of the source code.

I have been trying to find some logs, which would give me an
indication of what happens, but haven't been lucky. Also the debug
function in the noitd.conf file, gives me nothing when the noitd

So I tried to run gdb on noit, and this gave me an indication that it
failed around the REQUIRE SSL stuff, so I first started to upgrade to
a newer version of MySQL 5.5.12, to see if this helped me. As this
wasn't the case, I started to research how I could use the SSL thing,
and after I enabled SSL in MySQL and updated the mysql user with a
REQUIRE SSL line, I could manually login with the provided ssl keys
and with the same user and password which I have setup in noit.

I then tried to fire noit up, and voila no more crashes.

So far so good :)

But now noit comes with this message, when it triggers the MySQL
check(DNS and IP sanitized):

[2011-06-14 09:15:35.691636] error during mysql_real_connect: Access
denied for user 'noit'@'xxx.yyyyyyy.xx' (using password: YES)
XXX.YY.XX.YY`mysql <- []

What did I miss?

Kind regards,
Bo Rising Rasmussen
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