[Reconnoiter-users] Fix for graphing templates for text fields

Brad Marshall brad at humbug.org.au
Mon Dec 12 20:45:18 EST 2011


On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 7:16 PM, Michal Taborsky <michal at taborsky.cz> wrote:
> to submit a patch, either use GitHub
> (https://github.com/omniti-labs/reconnoiter) or send the patch to Theo at
> jesus at omniti.com.
> I am not sure, however, that your proposed change is exactly right. Looking
> at it, I think it should be changed to noit.metric_text_currently.

Right, you're totally correct there.  I've only just started with
reconnoiter so I don't know the code and tables terribly well.  I've
submitted a patch via GitHub for this, correctly I hope.

Brad Marshall
brad at humbug.org.au

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