[Reconnoiter-users] Problems compiling on FreeBSD

Theo Schlossnagle jesus at omniti.com
Wed Aug 3 19:19:42 EDT 2011

2011/8/3 viq <viq at viq.ath.cx>:
> And yet more warnings I get now on FreeBSD:
> - compiling noit_check_tools_shared.c
> noit_check_log_helpers.c: In function 'noit_check_log_bundle_compress_b64':
> noit_check_log_helpers.c:50: warning: 'compbuff' may be used uninitialized in this function
> - compiling noit_check_log_helpers.c

Should be fixed in master.

> - compiling stomp_driver.c
> libstomp.c: In function 'stomp_read':
> libstomp.c:419: warning: passing argument 3 of 'apr_socket_recv' from incompatible pointer type
> - compiling libstomp.c

libstomp blows. Patches welcome, otherwise it can rot and we'll
eventually replace it formally with AMQP.

Theo Schlossnagle


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