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Michal Taborsky - Netretail Holding michal.taborsky at nrholding.com
Mon Oct 4 15:50:55 EDT 2010

  Hello Phil.

Dne 4.10.2010 20:39, Theo Schlossnagle napsal(a):
> 2010/10/2 Phil Pierotti <phil.pierotti at gmail.com 
> <mailto:phil.pierotti at gmail.com>>
> - I saw in the OSCON video presentation doing live/streaming of 
> checks, how is that configured?
> It should "just work."  You need to set the document domain right in 
> your stratcon.conf file.  Aside from that, if you install each 
> component on its own machine, it should "just work."

It should, unless it doesn't :) I have struggled with this a bit meself, 
so let me give you some pointers:

a) In the stratcon.conf check the realtime listener section. Mine looks 
like this:
<realtime type="http_rest_api">
<listener address="*" port="8080">

I have everything installed on the same machine, so I had to change the 
port from the default 80 to 8080 (my UI is running on 80). 
document_domain should be the same domain where you have the web 
console, as far as I know.

b) At the bottom of the apache config file for the web ui, there is this 
little rewite:
   RewriteRule ^(/data/.+)$ http://localhost:80$1 [P,L,QSA]

Now here you have to change the localhost:80 to wherever you have the 
stratcond realtime interface running. In my case, since I have it all on 
one server and the interface is on 8080, I have this:
   RewriteRule ^(/data/.+)$ http://localhost:8080$1 [P,L,QSA]

After that, reload stratcond, reload apache and it should "just work". 
You can check the UI with Firebug network panel turned on and it should 
show, that the UI is requesting 
http://yourserver.yourdomain/data/somegibberishcodes and getting some 
data back.

Hope this helps.

Michal Táborský
chief systems architect
Netretail Holding, B.V.

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