[Reconnoiter-users] help using postgres plug-in

Mark Wong mark.wong at myemma.com
Thu Nov 4 12:41:29 EDT 2010

 Hello everyone,

I was having trouble figuring out how to get the postgres plug-in to
work based off the web page example.  I believe it has something to do
with noitd or noit.conf.  I'm working with postgres 8.4.4 (on ubuntu
10.04) and the urskek release.

I started with a noit config for postgres similar to what is on the web


After some suggestions from Robert Treat I got to:

    <postgres period="10000" module="postgres">
        <dsn>host= dbname=reconnoiter user=noit password=noit</dsn>
      <check uuid="1b2c1290-f001-46b3-a184-0cc553bcff1d"
name="reconnoiter" target="">
          <sql>select datname, pg_database_size(datname) as size,
xact_commit, xact_rollback from pg_stat_database</sql>

Basically I'm trying to set up noit to check the database that
reconnoiter is set up in, everything running on the same system (a vm).

When I start noit:

# sbin/noitd -c /home/mwong/local/etc/noit.conf -D -d
Found 15 /noit/logs//log stanzas
Found 1 outlets for log 'error'
Module selfcheck successfully loaded.
ping_icmp: send buffer set to 1998848
Module ping_icmp successfully loaded.
Module snmp successfully loaded.
Module ssh2 successfully loaded.
Loading lua module: varnish
Module varnish successfully loaded.
Loading lua module: http
Module http successfully loaded.
Loading lua module: resmon
Module resmon successfully loaded.
Loading lua module: smtp
Module smtp successfully loaded.
Module postgres successfully loaded.
Compiling filterset 'default'
Prepending deny into default
check uuid: '1b2c1290-f001-46b3-a184-0cc553bcff1d' has no timeout
C    1288749940.479    1b2c1290-f001-46b3-a184-0cc553bcff1d    postgres    reconnoiter
loaded uuid: 1b2c1290-f001-46b3-a184-0cc553bcff1d
Found 4 /noit/listeners//listener stanzas
noit_listener(/tmp/noit, 0, 1, 5, noit_console, (nil))
noit_listener(*, 32322, 1, 5, noit_console, (nil))
noit_listener(*, 32323, 1, 5, noit_console, (nil))
noit_listener(*, 43191, 1, 5, control_dispatch, (nil))`reconnoiter <- [timeout]`reconnoiter -> [unavailable:bad]

My database log says:

2010-11-02 19:05:41 PDT [18866]: [1-1] user=[unknown],db=[unknown],host=
LOG:  connection received: host= port=39725

My observation suggests the username and dbname is mishandled between
the noit.conf and making the database connection from noit, assuming
that my noit.conf is correct.

I verified I can connect with psql from the same system:

$ psql -h -U noit -W -d reconnoiter
Password for user noit:
psql (8.4.4)
SSL connection (cipher: DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA, bits: 256)
Type "help" for help.


Anything else I can provide that will help?


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