[Reconnoiter-users] eventer_SSL_fd_opset.c error preventing stratcon connection

Theo Schlossnagle jesus at omniti.com
Tue Mar 30 20:26:22 EDT 2010

You cert's expire?  That seems the most likely cause.  Can you connect to noit via curl using the stratcon's key setup?

curl -D- --cacert /path/to/ca.crt --key /path/to/stratcon.key --cert /path/to/stratcon.crt http://noitip:43191/foo

should give you a 404 response.  that will tell you the pki stuff is working.

On Mar 30, 2010, at 7:15 PM, Julian Seidenberg wrote:

> Hi there,
> I'm suddenly seeing the following error in the noit log:
> SSL[accept of 0] rw error: 5
> eventer_SSL_fd_opset.c:422: errno: [0] Success
> This seems to be preventing the stratcon from connecting to the noit.  
> Stratcond repeatedly gives the following error:
> Error connecting to Success
> Next jlog_streamer attempt in 8000ms
> And the following is shown when telneting to the stratcon console and  
> running "show noits":
> [disconnected]:
> 	Last connect: never
> 	JLog event streamer [transient/iep]
> 	Next attempt in 10.522714s
> [disconnected]:
> 	Last connect: never
> 	JLog event streamer [durable/storage]
> 	Next attempt in 10.530685s
> What could be the cause of these strange errors and how best to fix  
> them?
> Thanks,
> Julian
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Theo Schlossnagle

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