[Reconnoiter-users] Multiple collectd listeners

viq viq at viq.ath.cx
Wed Apr 7 08:45:46 EDT 2010

I am playing with jcollectd to monitor some java processes, but have hit
a snag. The machines running tomcats are behind NAT, which I could go
around by setting up a noitd in there, but that does not prevent another
issue - each of the machines is running several instances of tomcat, all
on same IP but different ports, which makes the collectd packets for
several instances come from same IP. "Plain" collectd deals with it as
it decodes the name of machine/instance from the packet, but reconnoiter
just knows about the source IP. So I thought that giving each instance
its own port to put data to would solve this, but that's where I am
having problems.

First approach I tried was defining separate modules:
    <module image="collectd" name="collectd-t1a">
and then defining checks for it, telling them to use module
collectd-t1a, but that didn't fly.

So, my another approach was to put the config in check part, ending up
like this:
        <machine target="" name="tom01a">
          <check uuid="82ce59fd-4187-11df-8fa6-0002a551643b" module="collectd" period="60000" timeout="30000" name="tomcio01a">
With this show check in noit console looks right - but noitd does not
listen on port 25911. How can I make it do so? I should add that I am
going to need it to listen on many ports, unless it will be able to
decode the "instance name" from collectd packets.
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