[Reconnoiter-users] Quick hello and getting-started questions

Stephane Daury stephane.daury at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 11:53:04 EDT 2009

Hi there,

I just subscribed and thought I'd pass a quick hello, and mention how  
impressed I am with reconnoiter so far, from an architecture and  
implementation standpoint.
Very, very nice!

This said, I'm in the process of getting it setup for testing and  
after going through all of https://labs.omniti.com/trac/reconnoiter/ 
docs and http://omniti.com/video/noit-oscon-demo (and using "help" in  
the noitd console), I have to admit I'm a bit puzzled by a few things  
at this time to go any further with my install:
  - the noitd console syntax/usage
  - notifications setup
  - uuid generation logic (think auto-generated config files, though  
I'm not there yet, just thinking ahead)

I googled for how-tos and such but came up dry on this front.
I've seen previous threads with the same type of questions in the  
list's archives (went through that too), but most pretty much came  
down to "we're working on the docs" (nothing wrong with that, gotta  
start somewhere). :)

Anything I've missed? Any pointers?
I understand the noitd console pretty much emulates the cisco router  
console (note: I'm not a network engineer): would going through the  
docs for the latter help me in any way?

Just let me know, thanks, and kudos on what's already there.
Looks brilliant.


Stephane Daury

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