[Reconnoiter-devel] recon.js indentation

Ingo Schommer ingo at silverstripe.com
Tue Sep 29 16:22:09 EDT 2009

We're customizing the Reconnoiter Web UI JavaScript a bit
(mainly recon.js), and have a hell of a time determining
what belongs together due to different indentation standards
used throughout the file, particularly in areas with lots
of nested conditionals and closure definitions.

Do you think its possible to run the file through http://jsbeautifier.org/
and commit it to trunk? We'd like to avoid doing this in our own
fork, as we'd like to stay upstream compatible and merge
in upstream changes without too many whitespace conflicts.

In general, the js logic is great - usage of jQuery and
DOM-centric logic is very much aligned with what we're doing,
so thanks for providing such an awesome base implementation!

Thanks a lot!
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