Chapter 5. Modules

5.1. check_test

This module exposes an API endpoint to allow users to run a check once in transient mode to return the results inline back to the client.

The check runs once however it behaves almost exactly like a /check/set




5.1.1. Module Configuration

5.1.2. Check Configuration

Example 5.1. Loading the check_test module.

This example loads the check_test module.

          <generic image="check_test" name="check_test" />

5.1.3. REST Endpoint /checks/test


This call accepts a document describing a check. In the same request, the check will execute and return the results back to the user. The check passes through the same validation as the /check/set PUT REST call. The check is marked as transient and won't appear in any persistent log streams.

On success, a HTTP 200 is returned and an XML documented that matches the format of the /check/show REST command. It is a simpler set of output as some of the results wouldn't make sense in this context.

Example 5.2. REST /checks/test XML input.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf8"?>